There is a fundamental difference between a managerial role and a strong technical role which employees have to fill. The ideal combination for a leadership role is a human with strong human skills who also has the most technical skill or knowledge in the industry. Few humans are exceptional leaders and most can be classified as good potential followers.

Another basic principle to keep in mind is to hire someone with personal appeal or charisma and talent who has had previous experience in an almost identical job. Teaching a graduate to lead or perform on the job without prior experience and failure is a very risky approach and can potentially lead to much failure in a real responsible job.

A smart approach to hiring is to hire slowly, ask all the right questions, verify some important answers, fire fast, and trust your intuition.

Hiring slowly means interviewing more than one potential candidate and following up an interview with a second one, especially if there are still important questions to get answers to which arose out of the first interview.

Fire the new employee quickly if they are untrustworthy, don’t work well with others, or turn out not to have the skills which they claimed they had on the resume and during the interview.

Trust your intuition and if you are afraid of discrimination claims don’t hire someone just because they are a friend, of a certain sex, ethnic group, or religion but don’t meet all your objective standards for employment.


The ideal candidate is a talented, confident, trustworthy, dedicated, selfmotivated, fast learner, passionate, energetic, not afraid of change, and wanting growth or more responsibilities in a job.

Before the interview do reference checks and check profiles on Facebook or Linkedin.


The kinds of questions which can be asked during an interview are endless but here are some 15 suggestions for leading questions which you can follow up with more relevant questions which obtain more information about the same general question:

Who or what interested you in wanting to work for the organization?

Why did you leave or want to leave your past or present jobs?

What role or work would you like to ideally perform in the organization now and in five or ten years?

What are your short and long range goals in private life?

What are the competitors to the organization and what are your personal opinions about them?

What were your greatest successes and failures on previous jobs?

What were the best and worst experiences which you had on the job?

What are the types or characteristics of humans which you work best with?

What are your work strengths and weaknesses?

Did you frequently work overtime on your previous job and why?

Out of all your previous jobs which was the most satisfying and why?

Out of all your previous jobs which was the worst and why?

Do you have a very good memory for names and places and experiences?

What are your favorite heroes or heroines or humans who you idolize in private and public life?

What do you like to do in your free time away from work?


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