To feel pride in a job

When asked what they do for a living, an employee wants to boast rather than feel shame about their job. If the job is a rather thankless job then at least they want to feel that it is valued by the organization.

To be treated justly

Employees hate it when favoritism is shown to humans who kiss butt and do not work hard or well. Most realize that life isn’t always fair but they don’t want the boss to make it even more unfair than it is.

To respect the boss

Employees want to be respected but they also want a boss who can be respected and deserves their loyalty and trust. A boss who is honest and sincere and tries to treat everyone fairly will be respected most of the time.

To be listened to or be acknowledged

Employees want the boss to listen and respond appropriately to employee input and dislike it when a boss acts as if he or she doesn’t care what they think and the feelings they may have about the job.

To have personal time

Some entrepreneurial bosses almost exclusively devote themselves to their job but employees feel uncomfortable when they are asked to sacrifice their time with family and personal interests outside the job which they feel have a large priority in their lives.

To be guided and not micromanaged

Employees want the boss to help with information or guidance when they ask for it but also hope that the boss will help them when they are having problems but may be too afraid to ask. What they don’t want is a boss who monitors their work every step along the way and seem too nosey.

To see bad workers get fired

If there is a disruptive employee, an employee who isn’t doing his or her job, or one who is always causing unnecessary problems for one or more employees then they should get fired or the boss will be thought of as being just as incompetent as the bad employee.

To not always feel stressed out

There are rare occasions when there seems to not be enough time given for a task or job but this should not become a bad habit of the boss. A boss who anticipates problems and sets realistic goals and timelines will not overstress the employee.

To have some security

No reasonable employee expects lifetime employment but no one likes to live under a threat of being fired all the time. They want to feel that their time spent on the job will not be a waste of their time, energy, and effort and that the boss will give them adequate warning if they are going to be fired.

To know where the organization is going

Employees want to be on a winning team and want to know what the long range goals of the organization are. If they are not in the number one organization then at least they want to know if they are making progress towards one or more goals which will bring them closer to the number one position.

To have opportunity for advancement

Not all employees want the added responsibility which comes from job advancement but for those who desire it there should be an opportunity to acquire the new skills and experience necessary for future job advancement.

To have knowledge of how top performance is rewarded

Top performance is usually rewarded with more money but sometimes privileges or perks such as reserved parking, exercise facilities, physical therapy, training classes, business class flying and accommodations, maternity leave, or more vacation time may be a reward which costs money but which does not translate into an increase in salary.


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