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Who is to blame for the sad state of the world and the destruction of biodiversity in the world? Those who control the money supply and energy sources rule the world. Who are they? The big international banks, big international corporations, and the big international energy companies have the most impact and control on the world.

If you don’t like the polluting corrupt state of the world then you can blame it on them and blame it on an absence of an excellent secular updated morality which humans worldwide, especially the politicians, should be following in the technological 21st century.

Without a new updated and useful secular morality the politicians, banks, and corporations can and will continue to LIE TO and DECEIVE the emotional gullible public, accumulate and concentrate the wealth in fewer and fewer hands, and will continue to plunge the world towards an overpopulated and increasingly sick environment trying to maintain the status quo as long as possible.

The new updated moral code which should be taught to impressionable young minds worldwide and followed by human leaders worldwide should be DON’T DESTROY BIODIVERSITY, DON’T LIE, DON’T BE INEFFICIENT, DON’T STEAL, DON’T COMMIT ADULTERY IF MARRIED, and DON’T MURDER!!!!!!

Not only should wilderness biodiversity not be destroyed but food biodiversity should not be destroyed and replaced with monoculture foods which have been unnaturally modified to tolerate herbicides, pesticides, and kill pests with engineered poisons which a plant unnaturally produces itself.

The consequences of misguided GMO engineered plant species will be an unhealthy food supply and an unhealthy human population. Unhealthy breeds of dogs and cats selected for a few desirable traits such as size and beauty result in unhealthy genetic stock and should be a warning to plant engineers who are also only selecting for a handful of “desirable” traits and the usual result is unexpected hundreds of undesirable unhealthy traits which surface in existent and later generations.

An untested change in one or two genes changes thousands of undetected traits in the plant or animal and can become a long duration disaster.

Gross inefficiency in human enterprises and behavior should be considered immoral.

An outdated use of the language overloaded with illogical definitions and too many emotional words impedes logical thinking and communication. It means that humans are ruled by their emotions and little by logical thinking and logical behaving processes. My evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS solves this problem with efficient logical definitions and word usage largely free of illogical emotional expression.

More energy or bigger is loved by humans because they are impressed by more power since they think that more or bigger is better and more powerful. The result is inefficient big houses, big cars, too many clothes and an overabundance of artistic trivial behavior which has little to do with efficient survival on the face of this earth.

Small, efficient, reliable, and durable should be valued more as it is in efficient nature.


Money concentration, technology, the internet, standardization of parts, and robotization all means that there will be armies of unemployed on government welfare and the world will be job poor. To maintain or create a just society the welfare system and education system will have to change. My evergreen books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM cover this needed change in detail.

At least if my secular moral code is followed we will not have unhealthy food, an unhealthy sick and prematurely dying human population. Biodiversity will survive to provide us with a healthy needed future gene pool to save us from our present immoral behavior on the face of this earth.


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Be loyal devoted best friends and the relationship will even endure once the sex becomes less frequent or non-existent.

Learn to listen fully to what your spouse is communicating and respond calmly if you are not angry, hungry, or tired. Learn to become a good listener and calm cooperative communicator instead of an angry confrontational opponent.

Try to never lie because honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth creates a trustworthy relationship accompanied by respect and admiration. Even white lies are unnecessary because there are diplomatic ways of communicating objections.

If you don’t like a dress then say that it is nice but that it is not your favorite color combination, pattern, style, or shape. If you don’t like a meal then communicate that it is a little too spicy, salty, or contains a food which is not your favorite. Save your superlative words such as beautiful and wonderful for things which you really like or approve of. Permanent hurt feelings will only exist if you use extreme words such as hate and ugly for things your spouse loves.

Plan ahead and revel in your successes and try to ignore past mistakes and don’t continue to blame a spouse for past mistakes. Learn to forget and forgive if it is not a marriage threatening situation. Find solutions to your problems and act on them or try to do something about your problems. Stop the blame game.

Find, identify, and pursue common goals which may change in priority as the marriage progresses. Working towards common goals with teamwork will strengthen a marriage and not weaken it because you will be sharing an experience which you both consider important.

Be open to adaptation and change. Nothing remains constant in marriage forever and new problems will surface which may need new approaches to solving them. Optimistically confront the new situations and adapt accordingly.

Learn to budget your money so that impulsive profligate spending does not interfere with an otherwise good relationship and become a major source of arguments which will threaten the marriage since bad money management is the number one reason for divorce.

Support or nurture your spouse’s personal passions and primary interests as long as they do not threaten to lead to financial bankruptcy.

Drop relationships with pessimistic untrustworthy friends and humans with dysfunctional marriages. Find new friends who are happily married or are confronting life with optimistic realism.

Don’t be adulterous. Adultery is the second leading cause of divorce so don’t do it. It creates fear of abandonment, distrust, jealousy, hatred, and anger in a relationship which any good relationship should not tolerate.

Finally, the traditional purpose of marriage was to raise successful happy offspring. If you are financially responsible and can afford it then offspring should be high on your priority list. To help you in this endeavor read one or more of my evergreen books LOVEALL, MODERN PARENTING, and GOOD MODERN BEHAVIORS.


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