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Listen carefully and completely to a customer complaint.

Don’t quickly and completely disagree with the customer since this will immediately create an adversarial confrontational response from the customer which will just make existing anger even more intense.

Rephrase the complaint or complaints in your own words so that the customer feels that their complaint has registered or been acknowledged.  

You can empathize with the customer by apologizing for the inconvenience to the customer with a simple “sorry” or agree with the customer complaint and maybe even say that you are upset too about the problem before offering a solution.

If you are not sure that there is a solution then ask them what will make the customer happy and they may surprisingly offer a solution to the problem which may be acceptable to you and ensure continued customer loyalty.

Calmly offer a solution to the complaint if there is one or refer them to someone who can answer the complaint, especially one higher up in authority, if you can’t do so yourself for some reason.

In this technological era with much communication done via emails an unresolved customer complaint may be referred to an actual qualified human who can have a personal conversation with the customer and try to resolve it by phone.

Most problems can be resolved with a replacement, a refund, or a discount on the product.


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 MYTH: Sex should be a fun and a frequent activity and as kinky and divergent as possible.

TRUTH:  Most animals in the wild do not have kinky foreplay which lasts longer than a few minutes or they are caught and eaten by predators.  Sex has become a habitual trivial pursuit in society at great cost to the participants in the form of bad health or STD’s and addiction to time wasting porno sites and tragic failed marriages and relationships between the sexes. Reproduction and sex is serious and efficient in wild nature and it should remain as close to its original roots as possible for humans.

The truth is that there should be no unnatural sex toys to play around with but you can do so if you desire because there should be free choice to screw up your sex life if you want to.  Sex is not a game but a serious reproductive enterprise to be done the natural way.  If you want to suck a cock and have deviant fun then be my guest but it is a waste of time and the pleasure gotten is minimal.

If you want to lick the body or suck cock or lick pussy then you may do so but the increase in ecstasy is not there and it can spread unwanted germs to the vagina.  It is a boring repetitive waste of foreplay time.  The foot fetishes and fetishes in general are unnatural and you are realistically not getting any great pleasure out of it.  Are you really getting an orgasm from licking a foot?  I don’t think that you are.  You can use cream on the body and lick it off and you can lubricate your body with exotically smelling oils and do an infinite variety of stupid things during foreplay but will it really give you as much pleasure as an orgasm?  I think not.

So don’t waste your time, energy, and money on inventive sex toys that give you minimal added pleasure.   Don’t use rubber bands and/or anal and vaginal inserts and/or whips and/or prods and/or penile desensitizers and other artificial pleasure enhancers in your youth to excess because it can damage your long duration ability to have long duration pleasurable natural intercourse.  Dildos and massage vibrators can be used in moderation where premature ejaculation is a natural result and deprives a woman of any natural orgasms.

The only kind of foreplay that is really necessary and effective is clitoral stimulation with fingers before actual sex. Most other foreplay is an artistic excursion into trivial embellishments which all are boring and don’t give you the most bang for the buck.

Finally pornography will only give you unrealistic expectations of a sex life where you can seemingly copulate frantically for an eternity without ejaculation and the big cock big tit predominance will just make you feel that you are having an inferior sex life and will potentially give you severe feelings of inadequacy. Exclude pornography as much as possible because it greatly decreases the probability that latter on in life you will have a successful marriage without adultery entering the picture. After you have seen thousands of sexy women engaging in sex in your youth you will have a more difficult time making your future wife feel sexually secure in the marriage because your fantasy sex life will overpower your healthy real life sex life with spouse.


If you want to have natural quality sex and not quantity sex then have sex more frequently and you will enjoy more orgasms. You don’t need to prolong the sexual act artificially with much deviant foreplay because it is basically unnatural and not the way that nature intended it. Nature knows best.

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