Listen carefully and completely to a customer complaint.

Don’t quickly and completely disagree with the customer since this will immediately create an adversarial confrontational response from the customer which will just make existing anger even more intense.

Rephrase the complaint or complaints in your own words so that the customer feels that their complaint has registered or been acknowledged.  

You can empathize with the customer by apologizing for the inconvenience to the customer with a simple “sorry” or agree with the customer complaint and maybe even say that you are upset too about the problem before offering a solution.

If you are not sure that there is a solution then ask them what will make the customer happy and they may surprisingly offer a solution to the problem which may be acceptable to you and ensure continued customer loyalty.

Calmly offer a solution to the complaint if there is one or refer them to someone who can answer the complaint, especially one higher up in authority, if you can’t do so yourself for some reason.

In this technological era with much communication done via emails an unresolved customer complaint may be referred to an actual qualified human who can have a personal conversation with the customer and try to resolve it by phone.

Most problems can be resolved with a replacement, a refund, or a discount on the product.


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