Money mismanagement or not enough of it is the leading cause of divorce so you should find out before marriage how your future spouse has, will, or wants to manage money.

Your favorite store is having a blowout sale; what will you do?

You just received a large tax refund. What are you most likely to do with it?

You inherit $10,000. What is your first instinct?

Everyone pictures retirement differently. What does yours look like?

How would you like to save for retirement?

What percentage of our earnings will be saved for emergencies and/or retirement and/or education for offspring or self-improvement?

Will we have joint or separate money accounts?

Will we share budgeting responsibilities or will one be the dominant manager of the household budget?

Most of these questions are designed to find out who is the great spender in the relationship and who will have the major responsibility for running the household budget if there are not separate accounts. The most thrifty spouse who is good with numbers should play a major role in budgeting the household budget for joint accounts.

If neither one of you are good with money management, are stressed out when talking about money and sharing it, and both have jobs then maybe separate accounts are the solution to the problem so blame for overspending will show up clearly by examining the independent accounts.

To avoid having to blame one or the other for overspending a third joint account may be set up to pay for anticipated joint fixed expenses such as food, rent or mortgage payment, utility bills, offspring expenses, and household expenses. After every paycheck a just or fair amount should be contributed to the third joint account.

Most married couples never learn to BUDGET their money or are very bad at managing money which becomes a major source for arguments and hardship that frequently leads to divorce. If you find out by asking the above questions that one is an irresponsible spendthrift hooked on credit cards then don’t marry!!!!!!

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