He has realistic goals in his life, is assertive, and is confident that he will achieve the goals and knows what kind of a spouse he wants and goes for it.

He is building towards a good financial foundation for a future family and is not a bar hopper looking for one night stands.

He is honest, sincere, trustworthy, dependable, smart, somewhat caring, and with a good personality and is looking for an honest, sincere, and trustworthy mate who is dependable with smarts and a good personality who looks good but is not hot, wild, and exciting.  In effect he knows what a good woman is and takes the time to know her more intimately if she is the type that he is looking for.

He has a somewhat caring personality or nurtures and protects you or supports your important interests and tries to protect you from bad influences and bad humans.

He is a good listener and is not only selfishly interested in himself and realizes that a conversation and a relationship is a two way street or that it should be mutually rewarding or satisfying.

He is not afraid of commitment if he really likes you and is ready to make one if he feels financially ready or will be financially ready in the near future. He plans to wait to have offspring until he is ready to support a family on his own for a short period of time until his spouse can work again and help to support the family financially too.


Only some men are very caring. If you and he has a good job and he is financially responsible, is honest, dependable, trustworthy, has a good personality, and is a good communicator then go for him and ask for a commitment within a year’s time. If he doesn’t want to commit then break off the relationship because he is looking for a better or more attractive woman to come along.


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