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There are the basic introverts and extroverts,

the leadership types and the followers,

the creative types and the task orientated ones,

the ones interested in advancement in the organization and

the ones happy to be doing a useful job and not that ambitious,

and then there is the dissatisfied one who just wants to do enough work to keep the job and not get fired and go on to the next job in another organization.

There are many different combinations which you can get with these 5 basic categories of humans but some of the combinations are less probable such as an introverted follower who is task oriented and interested in advancement in the organization.

For example, you can have an extrovert, leadership type, creative, and interested in advancement in the organization. You can have an extrovert who is a follower, task oriented, and not interested in advancement in the organization.  You can have an introvert who is a follower, task oriented, and not interested in advancement in the organization. You can also have a deceptive extrovert, leadership type, who is task oriented, and interested in advancement in another organization where he sees more opportunity for advancement.

The extrovert may require more interaction with the boss and with other employees and may want more public recognition or recognition for his or her accomplishments in front of other employees than the introvert.

The leadership type may want to be mentored to some extent and that means that the boss will have to permit him more interaction with employees and will have to delegate occasional responsibility over one or more employees once he is knowledgeable in what their jobs and responsibilities are.

Creative types will want to operate more independently and may want some time to improve their skills on the job. They may want the boss to ask them for their opinion more frequently than other employees.

Those wanting to climb the organizational hierarchy should be given time to interact with and maybe even learn some of the job skills of the employees which he or she may be leading in the future. Educational opportunities outside the job may be offered such as a business management degree necessary for further advancement.

Nothing motivates any employee more than a confident, competent, optimistic, trustworthy boss who knows how to concisely communicate general and specific job goals in a timely fashion, competently monitors work progress, helps or guides the employees when help is necessary to complete the goals, and gives appropriate praise and rewards to each employee for jobs well done when the goals are achieved successfully.

When goals are not achieved in time or successfully then appropriate procedures are instituted so failure does not occur again and even demotion or firing is threatened if the failure rate becomes unacceptable.

If you are this kind of a motivating boss then you will be respected and admired and will be running the organization efficiently.


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