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You probably didn’t know that cellulose or wood is added to or used as a non-nutritional filler in some foods for texture and it costs about 30% of the cost of real flour.

Burger meat is frequently treated with ammonia gas to kill germs.

100% orange juice, not from concentrate, is frequently kept bottled for as long as a year and has flavor packets added to flavor what is a rather tasteless orange juice product naturally.

Artificial blueberries are added to some yogurts and cereals.

Free range chickens are actually being grown in huge warehouses.

Some companies have bogus claims for health benefits such as heart, coronary, and cardiovascular health without any scientific backing. Foods claim to support immunity whatever that is supposed to mean and once again with no scientific proof.

Here is a link to cracked.com where the original article appeared making these claims.


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The 8 myths are as follows and you may at first disagree or agree:


Great salespeople are fast talking pushy extroverts


Great salespeople have strong academic backgrounds


Great salespeople make great sales managers


You can transform a good salesperson into a great one


Great salespeople want to be promoted in the company


Great salespeople can sell anything to anyone and will be outstanding in any selling job


The internet eliminates the need for great salespeople


A great product or great engineering makes great salespeople unnecessary

There are some relatively rare exceptions to these rules or general principles because people are complex and not totally predictable in every circumstance. For example there may be the rare great salesperson who acquires a managerial education and goes on to become a great manager also.

There may be the relatively rare academician who also has developed people skills or is very good at communicating with people and can transform him or her self into a great salesperson.

There may be an internet ad or video which is so compelling and convincing that intervention by a great salesperson is not necessary and the product or service will sell itself without further human sales assistance.

Humans can have multiple skills and be good at more than one job or profession so absolute rules for them do not always apply.

The truth or general principles or rules about these 8 myths which have rare exceptions is written up in Inc.com by Geoffrey James whose link follows:


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