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China has relocated about 200 million humans from farms to the big cities and has built infrastructure connecting the major population centers. Cheap labor, an abundance of natural resources, and population control with one child per family made China competitive with the west but it is finding out that robotization or smart labor and not cheap labor is what future economic progress is all about.

African nations may want to imitate the Chinese model but it will fail as long as there is not a United States of Africa which can move large numbers of humans to new massive cities along the coastal regions. Each African country is just not big enough and rich enough in resources to compete with Asian countries, China, and the West. Political dictatorships predominate in Africa and they have not been smart enough to use their centralized power to bring economic prosperity despite the potential cheap labor available.

The Chinese model only has some hope of improving the economic state of
Africa if the nations begin to merge politically into a larger and larger politically unified country. Another drawback to unification of Africa is that one language is not taught throughout all of Africa and the tribal biases are a great handicap to potential future unification. The final drawback is a lack of population control which is just swelling the ranks of the poor and unemployed.

It is impossible for Africa to imitate the Chinese because there is no continental political unity, there is no unifying language, no population control, and smart labor and not cheap labor is what will make future economies competitive in the world arena.

Most of Africa will remain overpopulated and economically poor on into the foreseeable future. If they do begin to prosper locally then biodiversity will be destroyed to the detriment of everyone in the world.

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Sivertip grizzlies can smell you as far away as 18 miles and there are plenty of other outstanding animal senses which will awe you.

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