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snake with frog prey

Snakes, spiders, foxes, dragonfly larvae, octopus squid, and humpback whales have some astounding abilities when it comes to catching prey.

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With money you can buy sex, but not love.

This just means that money alone will not guarantee a good loving relationship with someone.  Money certainly helps as a good foundation but personality traits such as caring, honesty, and loyalty are just a few of the many things which must be present to make love bloom.  My evergreen book LOVEALL will explain in detail what love is and how you should behave and how not to behave if you want to create a loving relationship with someone.  Money can not buy love but it can help you to get love because many women and men are attracted to wealthy people and money attraction is a very important foundation of love.

 You can’t buy love.  

You can rarely buy love but you can buy the services of loving people to take care of your children or family when you are not there and you can buy the services of people who love their work and are good at it.  Having money is a big attractant to women and if you have some minor personality flaws or are not that attractive then you have a better chance of finding a woman or man who will eventually grow to love you.  

Love does wonders, but money makes marriages.  

Too little money is still one of the major reasons why most marriages end in divorce because children soon enter the picture and marriage becomes an expensive lifestyle.  Basically, if you are smart then you should avoid marrying unless you are making enough money to support a family. Money will not make a successful marriage if the people can’t get along emotionally with each other or have severe personality flaws that clash so marry someone for more than just the money which they make.  

Money is a means to an end.  

It usually takes some money or a lot of money to reach most of your goals in life.  

If you have money, men and women will think you are wise, handsome or beautiful, and a good social example.  

This just basically means that humans will kiss up to you if you have a lot of money thus hoping to get some of it too.  

Once the last tree is cut and the last river poisoned, you will find that you cannot eat your money.  

This just means that if money is not used to preserve biodiversity and the environment, no amount of money will buy back a healthy diverse environment once it is destroyed by greedy destructive human activity.  

You get what you pay for.  

This is almost always true unless you are sold a high priced but performance poor product or service.  Some services are overpriced and you don’t always get honest repairs, so overpaying for a service does not always mean that you are getting your money’s worth.


Money doesn’t buy happiness but can help happiness to thrive.  

This is mostly true. If you overspend money on too many goods and services and pile up huge credit card debt you will probably be unhappy. Many relationships break up because of too little money or poor money management so not having money can cause great unhappiness! Having enough money means that you can usually use it to pursue the things that really make you happy in life. Money is the best foundation for happiness to thrive.  

Lend your money and lose your friend.  

This is almost guaranteed if the friend never repays the loan even when times are good.  

Buyer beware.  

Government regulation in all fields of business has tried to set acceptable standards for commerce.  Nevertheless, it is still basically true that you should be wary of buying from strangers and especially unreliable sources or people.  

A fool and his money are soon parted.  

This is usually true for people that have never learned to manage or budget their money. They then wind up living from paycheck to paycheck or effectively spend all the money that they make. The result is that they don’t save or invest any money and have none left when they spend it. Emergency situations mean a stressful financial crisis or going deeper into debt which is frequently never paid off.  

A penny saved is a penny earned.  

A penny earned can be a penny saved if you don’t spend it on something first.  

The best things in life are not free.  

The social myth is that the best things in life are free which is not true. My best things in life are food and sex and I know of almost no one who is getting them both for free unless you are on welfare. Conversation is enjoyed by many people but you are still using your time and energy calories doing so, so it is not really free. To burn energy calories you need food and food is not free for most of us. It is best to rephrase this and say that the best things in life don’t have to cost much money.

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