Time will tell.

Sometimes we have problems in life, are expecting something good to happen soon, or would like to do something which is not financially possible at the moment.  It usually takes some time to resolve the problems, to have something good happen, or to save up enough money for the thing that you really want. As time progresses things can get worse or they can get better but very frequently you can’t do anything about your predicament right away.

Sometimes better late than never.


Showing up late for an appointment and doing a promise later than expected is usually better than not showing up for an appointment or not fulfilling a promise at all. However, showing up late for a job interview, an airline flight, or being late remembering an anniversary are the many exceptions to this partial truth.

At times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning


Inactivity is preferable to mindlessly wasting time, energy, and money on purposeless or useless behavior which is mindless functioning. Inactivity probably means that you will be sitting or lying down so this is the perfect time to do some thinking and reflecting on your life and it is an opportunity to plan for a better lifestyle.

Haste makes waste.


Doing things too quickly increases the odds that you will make mistakes along the way and slow things down in the long run. Some people are exceptions, are talented, and can do things very fast and very well.

 The early bird catches the worm.


The one with a head start usually finishes first, gets the job done first, gets an interview first, and in general does something sooner than another. That person is frequently in an advantageous position to do the next important thing which may be reaching some other goal first.

What’s done is done.


This is just another way of saying that you can’t change the past.  However, you can learn from past mistakes by not making them again in the future, so reflecting on the past is not totally useless.

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