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Many of us daydream of fame, wealth, beauty, genius and thirst for power which is an inborn urge many of us are born with. We naively believe that having one or all five is a guarantee of happiness in our lives.

Read the truth about what succeeding at these “desirable” goals really can mean in your life in this cracked.com link.


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Many of us think that all that you have to do to become super successful is to change your bad habits and adopt some good constructive ones. The truth is that the odds of becoming super successful are stacked against you unless you are born “lucky” and have some of the following characteristics and circumstances.


You are born to rich smart parents

Money and a very good memory is a great help which doesn’t guarantee super success but it can make your journey to success much easier if you apply yourself properly and learn useful social and job skills. High IQ just means that you have a very good memory which you should be able to apply to the real world if you have smarts or practical brain processing ability. There are idiot savants with phenomenal memory who can’t use their great gift in society very well but this is an extreme exception to the rule that very good memory and talent rules.


Your parents are usefully educated

A definite asset is having smart parents who can be exceptional role models and it also means that they probably studied hard and had better than average memories.


You were born attractive

Attractive humans in general earn 3% to 4% more than not so attractive ones. An investment in plastic surgery may be a realistic option if you have some glaring unattractive features.


You are an only child

Statistics show that single offspring imitate adult parents more and are socially more mature sooner as a result. They also tend to stay in school longer and frequently have more self-esteem.


You are born in or move to the right country

You need to be born in or to travel to a country which offers entrepreneurial opportunity to the new generation based on effort and merit such as the US and China.


You are male and white

Feminists and ethnic groups may disagree with this fact and in the near future maybe gender and ethnic origin will not matter that much in the struggle for super success. Talent, merit, and effort may dominate the landscape of the super successful in the future without much gender or ethnic bias but we still have a long way to go to achieve those idealistic goals.


There are some exceptions to the rule but the super successful frequently are  very talented, have very good memories, are attractive, usefully educated, hardworking, and socially competent individuals. The talent, very good memory, and attractiveness you are born with and the useful education, hard work, and social competence is something which you must acquire in your life or you will not become super successful.



If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.