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Why do we sleep, how many planets are in our solar system, why is ice slippery, how to beat solitaire, how many species of animal exist, what is the length of the US coastline, and how gravity works are 8 questions science can’t answer.

For details read this cracked.com link.


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To be and remain a creative blogger you need a continuous source of new information which you then proceed to change and/or rearrange with your personal writing style and opinions about the order of the information which you want to present.

No new input means that there will be no new output and you will be writing in a dead end. Research, research, and research for new information. A blogger should spend more time researching and reading new information than writing. If you don’t like the research process then don’t be surprised if you run out of inspiration to write rather quickly.

Pick an area of expertise which you predominantly want to write about and passionately write about it and continue to research the topic for new ideas to add to your existing knowledge. You will probably quickly find out that once you write a few blogs then you will start running out of new ideas or simply not have the time to research and write as frequently.

If you find out that you have writer’s block then it is time to write about some new topic which may be your second or third passion in life. Find a new category to write about, do the research on the internet, in other blogs, or in books and change and/or rearrange the information and write a blog about it.

If you find out that you are spending more time writing than researching and acquiring new knowledge then you will probably write something relatively uninteresting and boring which will only have personal meaning to you. Pay attention to likes counts on other blogs to give you a better idea of what topics interest other bloggers and the way that they are presented in the blog.

Keep in mind that most readers are asking the question- Is it interesting or relevant to me and how will it help to make my life more interesting or useful. In effect, will this article entertain and inform me of something which I have an interest in and be useful in my life?

If you seem to be writing about something which interests few humans then be prepared for a lonely existence in your limited world. I am fortunate that the truth about almost any topic interests me so I blog and never run out of new topics to write about and I do so on a daily basis.


You need a constant source of new information to write something new so try to develop an insatiable curiosity for the new and interesting with research reading. Creative blogging is about 95% research and 5% writing and if you are not spending time this way then you will not be a very creative blogger nor will you continue to be one.

If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.