A sincere effort is all that you can ask

Sincerity is basically honesty and a personal honest effort is what should be asked of everyone even though the effort may not seem sincere because of bad results.

A unchangeable sense of duty imprisons you


More accurately an unchangeable sense of duty makes it more likely that you will fulfill your responsibilities or obligations even in the face of hardship. Imprisons is a strong word which just means that you are trying to act within the boundaries set by your duties. You lose flexibility or open mindedness when your sense of duty is unchangeable.


Absolute submission can be a form of freedom


Freedom from responsibility for your own actions is the form of freedom that complete submission gives.


Abuse of power comes as no surprise


This is just a takeoff on the fact that complete power corrupts absolutely.  People in positions of less than complete power also are very tempted and sometimes do abuse the position.


Action causes more trouble than thought


The thought that gives rise to the troubling action is really to blame but the effects of actions are more noticeable.


Alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries


This is just another way of saying that the dissatisfaction with the status quo produces revolutionaries who try to change it or produces eccentrics who try to isolate themselves from status quo realities.

Ambition is just as dangerous as complacency


This is just a sloppy way of saying that too much ambition and too much complacency are both bad human characteristics which frequently get you in trouble.


An elite is inevitable


If you call leaders elite then it is a fact that there will always be elite leaders and their followers.


Artificial desires are despoiling the earth


It is true that trivial entertainment behavior that has little to do with survival is using up too many natural resources and destroying biodiversity at an alarming rate. Society has created many artificial activities and desires to occupy people with relatively mindless activities when they are not working but this is true also of work which has been created just to keep people busy within the society.

The work also has very little to do with necessary survival on the face of this earth. CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and COMMON SENSE are two evergreen books which I wrote that address this problem and offer solutions.


Even the best laid plans go bad.


This should be rephrased to say that even the best laid plans can and do sometimes go bad but definitely rather infrequently.

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