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We all would like to be happy and feel that we are being successful in life. Few realize that this means making and achieving more and better goals.

Making goals is the hardest part because most of us are trapped in our old and frequently bad habits or old goals which we repeat over and over again and don’t make any progress in life.

The key to making sometimes new and better goals is to research your present activities and determine if they are going to lead to progress in your life or just the same old daily routine. If you find that you are operating in a dead end with little hope for progress in the future then you should change something in your daily routine so that you can escape or improve your circumstances.

This frequently means improving your knowledge and skills through further research and education and making new contacts with humans who can potentially connect you with better opportunities.

Achieving a necessary change in your daily routine will require much optimistic self-motivation which means doing something new and useful and making it part of your daily routine. You can start by prioritizing your goals and rescheduling your time to concentrate on what you feel is most important in your life and ignoring or excluding or reducing the bad or trivial habits in your life.

A better goal is frequently developing a better habit or doing an activity which will improve your life and not letting your life stagnate in old fruitless frequently boring repetitive activities.

The foundation for progress or making and achieving new goals is an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new skills and new knowledge.

Finally there are distant or ultimate goals which can be achieved by making many goals along the way and you should educate yourself on what these intermediate goals are or should be if you want to reach your ultimate realistic goal.


The successful life is struggling to eliminate the bad habits and old goals which you are reliving and trying to replace them with better habits or new goals which you try to pursue on a daily basis.

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