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At times your unconsciousness is truer than your conscious mind

This is just a statement that sometimes your impulsive feelings about something are truer than what your mind thinks ought to be done in a certain circumstance where your thinking may be bad and/or uncertain.


Severe punishment awaits really bad humans


In most societies the punishment is usually made to fit the crime and if the crime is considered very bad then the punishment is also usually very severe. Social ostracism may be the only punishment for a non criminal offense but being a pariah can be very punishing and greatly hamper your interactions with humans.


Bad intentions can have good results


Firing someone out of spite and intentionally trying to cause financial hardship can lead to someone finding a better job. It can even lead to the hiring of a better employee so both are examples of a bad intention causing two good results.  Bad intentions seldom cause good results but sometimes there are exceptions.



Rudeness is a weak human’s imitation of power.


Rudeness is just one of the many defects of a weak human with a bad personality and it does not necessarily mean that the human is intentionally trying to behave powerfully.



Hope lasts until death.


This is just one way of saying that hope is a recurring theme throughout a lifetime and this is especially true for lottery players who always hope for the big win no matter how many times they are disappointed in real life.


Roll with the punches.


This is just a bad way of saying that you should not stop trying to reach your goals and sink into depression when bad things happen to you in life.


Man cannot live by bread alone.


This is just a way to say that there is usually more to life than just getting and eating food.


Liars frequently set their own traps.


Liars lie that they are doing or have done something which they are not doing or haven’t done.  Their deceptions are frequently destroyed by third parties who tell the truth or the memory of their lies fades and they start contradicting themselves later on and get caught for lying.


Just because everybody’s doing something, doesn’t mean it’s right.


This should be rephrased to make it more accurate. Just because everyone in a group of humans is doing something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  Offspring especially have to be taught that just because a large group of humans in school are doing it, it may not be the right thing to do.


History repeats itself.


This is true to a large extent because new generations of humans continue to make the same human mistakes that older generations have made only in a new setting.  This is because new generations seldom learn everything of importance from the mistakes of older generations. Also historical bad habits, untruths or myths carry on into future generations and make the probability of old mistakes being repeated more likely.


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