Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Political, social, and economic empires do not come into existence overnight but usually take much money, blood, work, and effort over a relatively long duration to reach a dominant position in the world. The US empire wasn’t built in a day and it will probably collapse just like Rome did since it is making the same mistakes as Rome in its declining days.


If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.


More and more big government is beginning to operate this way and harming society.


The more corrupt the state, the more laws.


Laws are passed to protect and support the powerful monied special interests and the more special interests there are the more laws must be passed to legalize theft from the public or taxpayer.


The more laws the less justice.


More laws make those in power more powerful and there is less justice for those trying to reach positions of power. Some environmental and safety considerations are the exceptions to the rule but overzealous safety regulations can lessen the quality of the food supply.

Silence is golden.


This is especially true when trying to avoid a heated argument about problems or confrontations which seem to have no solution or winner.  If you don’t have anything nice or useful to say, frequently don’t say anything at all.

Stupid is as stupid does.


This just states the fact that unless you behave stupidly or do stupid things, no one usually suspects that you are indeed stupid.


A grudge remains in your mind too long.


Mentally a grudge can take up much of your thinking time and this is frequently considered wasting mental energy without a useful goal.


A house divided cannot stand.


This just means that frequently a group of humans, with two radically opposing points of view, will eventually divide and go their own ways.

Being judgmental is a sign of life


This sounds better if you say that making choices is a sign of life.  Making snap judgments about humans can lead to many misunderstandings which are not true, so be reluctant to judge a human too quickly. Unfortunately stereotyping people or making hasty generalizations about people is a fact of life for most.


A man is known by the company that he keeps.


This is another way of saying that birds of a feather flock together and you can generally make accurate generalizations based upon the company that someone spends most of his or her time with.

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