Charity begins at home.

This just suggests that your first priority should be helping your family with important problems. Then you can spend time, energy, and money trying to help other humans with charitable gestures.



Clothes don’t make the human.


Good clothes can try to mask a bad human being who is flawed to a somewhat large degree. Looking good does not necessarily mean being a good personality.

Looks can be deceiving.


Some people surround themselves with expensive possessions that they don’t own outright and surround themselves with beautiful humans to create the impression that they are wealthy and successful when in fact they may be barely alive financially and are just putting on a good appearance to con you out of some money or a favor.


Confession is good for the mind.


Admitting to someone or even yourself that you did something wrong or bad will help you to feel better about the transgression.

Cutting off a mule’s ear will not change the mule


Making superficial changes in your looks or behavior will not change a basically flawed personality type or bad human.


Dead humans don’t bite.


This is only true if you are not fighting the actions of a dead human’s surrogates who are executing his or her living trust that is still affecting you legally or financially and badly.


Patience is a virtue.


Most worthwhile goals in life are reached with much patience and effort so patience can frequently be a virtue.  However, extreme patience is frequently a sign that there is probably much lazy activity going on or that it is an improbable goal and it’s pursuit should cease or be greatly reduced.


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


This just means that high status humans who fail go down many more status steps. When they have to start at the bottom of the hierarchy again then they also frequently suffer more emotional pain and depression than common humans who have had similar but smaller decreases in status.


Possession is nine tenths of the law.


This is just true for stolen items with little monetary value. If you steal a small object it is very hard and frequently impossible to prove that it is not yours. It is much harder to steal a valuable object such as a car or a house and not get arrested.


The doors of wisdom are never shut.


This just means that you can always get wiser as you age if you choose to do so.

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