Yes. One can love and hate an offspring at the same time. You may impulsively love to hit an offspring and simultaneously hate the thought of making the offspring cry.  The emotion is ambivalent.  For example loving anger at misbehavior and sympathetic disappointment at failing school grades, or hopeful frustration at an inability to play a musical instrument or fearful pride in watching one do well at go cart racing are all possible ambivalent emotions when two emotions mix.

Not known until now is the fact that more than two emotions can exist simultaneously in a human.

Angfehal: v. to sense anger and fear and hatred and love simultaneously.

When you learn of an adulterous relationship instantly from some source and believe it you can feel angry at your spouse whom you love, you hate your spouse for being deceptive and you fear that the relationship might have to end. This is the ambivalence of 4 simultaneous emotions. Add to this jealousy and you have 5 simultaneous emotions existing mentally.

Angfehat: v. to sense anger and fear and hatred simultaneously

This combinations of three emotions happens when you find out that your offspring has been taking illegal drugs for the first time. You are angry that he or she has broken the law or your no drug rule, you hate their bad behavior, and you fear that they may have become addicted to the drug.

Will science ever pinpoint the origin of emotions in the brain or describe how the brain experiences ambivalent emotions? Never! The emotional variables in the brain are so many and so complex that a definition of an emotion is not enough to determine a one to one correspondence with the emotion and behavior in a human brain!!!!!!

Any statistical analysis of emotions with questionnaires is extremely subjectively biased chaotic data which has absolutely no relevance or correspondence to human existence and 100% of such misleading “clinical studies” should cease immediately. There is almost no statistically relevant social and political “science” data which should be gathered and analyzed about emotions because cause and effect relationship observation is not possible!!!!!!

A parent can prevent an offspring who exhibits hated behaviors from feeling that he or she is primarily an object of hatred by communicating to the offspring that he or she is still loved as a whole when an offspring does something very bad.  Parents should point out that only the bad behavior is the object of the hatred and not the offspring himself or herself:  “I hate your very bad behavior but I don’t hate you but love you!”

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