Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Updated this means- give a man food and he will need more when it is consumed; teach a man how to do a useful job and he will be able to feed himself and a family while the job lasts.


Good to forgive, better to forget.


It is usually good to forgive the mistakes and bad behaviors of family members and close friends even though the trauma of the event may linger in our minds and haunt us longer than we would like.


Idle hands can lead to immorality or trouble.


When rich people have money and nothing much to do they frequently get involved in drugs, lying, promiscuous and deviant sexual behavior which messes up their lives and they can even wind up killing themselves. When the chronically unemployed have nothing much to do they sometimes resort to stealing. In either case, too much free time does quite frequently lead to immoral or troubled behavior.


Each person has his strong point.


Usually most people have something which they are very good at. It can be a very good skill, a very good personality trait, or even physical attractiveness.

Crime against property is relatively unimportant.


This is only true for the Marxist who does not believe that people should have private property in the first place but that all property should be shared by everyone. Have some personal property stolen from you and you will understand how important property is in your daily life and how important it should be for everyone in society. Crime against property is definitely important.


One good turn deserves another.


If you get something good and useful from someone then try to return the gesture with something good and useful for them.  This is just an example of the golden rule in action or do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.


Don’t place too much trust in experts.


This applies to all the experts in the liberal arts professions where they frequently come up with some very subjective conclusions or opinions which are frequently not really true.  In scientific fields, experts can be trusted more but one should also keep in mind that some scientists are used to push some product or service in a subjective way also.  For example, many drug inventions have so many side effects and insufficient medical research which frequently does not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the drug is truly effective in treating and curing the disease. The scientific testing of many of these drugs is frequently terribly flawed and wrong.

Theoretical physics experts wow their flock of believers with an overdose of modern mathematical mythology which in no way will ever be proven in a laboratory.

Enjoy yourself because you can’t change anything anyway.


Live for today because you may die tomorrow or nothing will improve in your life. This advice is what a pessimist would advocate and is inappropriate for an optimist and most people in society. Another pessimistic variation of this is “do what feels good because tomorrow may never come”.

Freedom is a luxury not a necessity.


Judging by the history of mankind the freedom to pursue happiness is indeed a luxury and not a desirable necessity.  In fact, an overabundance of freedom has just speeded up the process of destroying biodiversity and the environment and this destruction is a very bad suicidal tendency of all morally flawed human societies.

CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is an evergreen book which I have written which shows in detail how freedom of mobility should be restricted for the destitute and also unemployed so that pollution and use of natural resources is reduced to a minimum in society.


Good deeds eventually are rewarded.


Living a basically moral life with good behavior is usually rewarded with a good family, good friends, and a good job in society.

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