Infatuation: n. a mostly unreasoning lovin for a subset(s)

Infatuation or “falling in love” makes you do some unusual things because the reasoning part of your thinking process gets overridden to a great extent.

Infatuation makes you less able to focus on what you are doing because thoughts of your loved one keep interfering with your work and/or thinking process.

Infatuation makes you high emotionally and it is similar to a cocaine high.

Infatuation can override small feelings of mental pessimism or depression and physical pain.

When infatuated you tend to ignore the need to probe for character flaws or bad habits which your loved one may have.

If you are infatuated then you are more willing to take unnecessary risks for your partner.

Your pupils dilate somewhat when experiencing the emotional high that infatuation gives.


When infatuated the reasoning part of your brain gets severely interfered with and your actions become more impulsive. What this suggests is that you should wait until the infatuation dies down before you commit to a marriage because you may have overlooked some very important facts about your potential spouse which may make the marriage less desirable from a rational point of view.

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