Ideals are replaced by conventional goals at a certain age.

Restated this just means that young adults tend to rebel against their parents and society and feel that they have many of the answers to the world’s problems.  The older they get, the more they tend to gravitate towards less idealistic and more pragmatic views and ways of living.

Imposing order is man’s vocation for chaos threatens human life and predictable living.


This just means that very few people prefer anarchy over a relatively orderly society.



It’s better to be a good human than a famous human.


Judging by the debauchery and/or immorality of many celebrities, it is indeed frequently better to be a good moral person than a famous one.


It’s better to be lonely than to be with inferior and/or badly educated humans.


Better restated this would be that it is better to be lonely than to be with bad, immoral, and boring humans.  Many talented people come from some of the so called common humans so not all of them can be considered to be inferior and/or badly educated and without a good morality.


It’s better to study the living fact than to analyze history.


Studying history is studying dysfunctional political systems that disregarded the importance of biodiversity and the environment. This alone is sufficient reason not to study history because it is primarily the study of wars between nations where someone always wins and someone loses. Who needs that repetitive garbage? There are many more important living facts and current problems which need our attention.


It’s not good to hold too many absolutes.


In a nutshell you should not destroy biodiversity, not lie, not be inefficient, not steal, not commit adultery if married, and not murder.  These are the only absolutes that a moral human needs to live by under normal non-emergency social situations.

         Moral absolutes are more important to young impressionable minds than to adults who realize that there are frequently some but relatively few exceptions to these moral absolutes.


It’s vital to live in harmony with nature.


With human overpopulation worldwide and the rapid destruction of biodiversity, this is perhaps the highest priority problem that should be addressed by all nations.  Don’t destroy wilderness areas but try to expand them wherever possible!  Even a seemingly just human society will not survive if it continues to destroy the environment on which everything ultimately depends.

Morals are for unimportant humans.


This is untrue reasoning by some elitists. How many important or elite humans can society tolerate who destroy health, steal, lie, commit adultery on their wife or wives, and destroy biodiversity? A society is destroyed if many important humans start acting immorally.  Morals are especially important for important or elitist humans because the relatively unimportant humans frequently rightly or wrongly frequently imitate the morality and immorality of important humans.


Occasionally principles are more valuable than humans.


Abortion can be justified since an unwanted offspring should not be forced to live in a family that doesn’t want it for personal or financial reasons. This can result in severe offspring abuse and a largely dysfunctional adult. Human overpopulation is still the biggest drawback this world has to put up with and the Chinese have tried to do something about it by limiting offspring to one per family. When about a million humans remain on the face of this earth, that is a time when humans will become more important and abortion should be forbidden again.

Occasionally innocent humans have to be sacrificed in military wars against tyrannical governments or terrorists which sometimes chose to invade other countries.

Humans are boring unless they are extremists.


This can be rephrased- Humans are more interesting if they are extremists.





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