A ballpark figure for a reputable charity is about 10% administrative cost, about 10% cost for personnel, and about 25% cost for advertising. The rest should go to the purpose of the charity whether it is disaster relief, fighting a disease, ongoing charitable relief for the poor, or saving wildlife. Call or contact the charity and ask what percentage are administrative costs, personnel costs, and advertising costs. If you can’t get an answer to these questions over the phone then ask for the information in writing such as an IRS form if the charity has been in business over a year.

If you find out that less than 50% of the money or less than 50 cents for every dollar contributed or donated goes to the purpose advertised then consider the charity a scam business designed to benefit the members of the organization and not the cause.

Instant overnight charities for disaster relief are the most notorious thieves of your hard earned money. So BEWARE!!!!!!


Here is a video which shows some charity scams which are only the top of an iceberg.

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