Obamacare is a perfect example of an illogical unjust law in its present form. True justice for all the citizens would be that the healthy should pay some money towards future health problems but at the same time should be rewarded by paying less if they are smart and remain healthy throughout most of their lives. Those with preexisting conditions and the unhealthy with many trips to the doctor’s office should be paying more into the healthcare system during their working years in anticipation of greater health care costs later in life. Those who are unemployed and destitute should be given free health care for emergency health situations and minimal care for other standard illnesses, especially the contagious ones.

This means that the government will have to have the medical records of all its citizens so that it can evaluate who are the healthy and sicker ones within the society and tax them accordingly during their lifetime. Government controlled health care which is just and has sliding rate medical taxes which reward the healthy and penalizes the unhealthy with higher premiums or taxes is a just system of health care and not the one size fits all citizens or egalitarian socialized medicine.

The computer software for a just sliding scale medical coverage is highly complex but it can be done given enough preparation time and enough reliable data inputted so that the software can make just logical decisions as to who pays and how much. Obamacare is a fixable program but it will take years to make it a just program of medical care for all.

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