Not knowing why a baby is crying which may be because your baby may be hungry, may need a diaper change, may want to sleep, may want to be held, has digestive problems, needs to burp, is too hot or too cold, or is not feeling good.

They assume perfectionist parenting books are always right which frequently use standardized rules for everything based on statistical averages or norms and your newborn may deviate greatly from those norms causing unnecessary panic and fear.

Thinking that parenting advice by first time mothers is always right unless they are experienced mothers with three or more offspring.

Thinking that you will get enough sleep. Chances are great that you will probably need to breast feed in the middle of the night or change a diaper because the baby is crying.

Assuming the worst is happening when the baby has blotchy skin, a rash, a cough, colic, diarrhea, etc. Unless it is a high fever or a skin rash in the diaper area due to not changing the diaper on time, the problem will usually go away given enough time.

Trying to breast feed the newborn on a strict 4 hour schedule instead of waiting for the baby to cry during the day or at night before feeding it. Babies are smarter than your schedule and know when they really need food. Feed on demand if possible if there is no more urgent thing to do.

Exposing them to too many germy humans by going to crowded places with many humans runs the risk of a bacterial or viral infection.

Thinking that babies will stay in one place and not move around.

Thinking that you will have enough time for friends and a normal social life once the baby is born.

Expecting marital relationships to be smooth and blissful after the baby is born because chances are you will be ignoring your husband much more than he would like.

Wasting money by buying too many baby clothes which are not worn very frequently if at all.

Planning to be punctual with a baby accompanying you who will frequently delay you with crying and needed attention.

You don’t bring a baby with a high fever to the doctor.

Placing the baby on its stomach or side and thus risking crib death by suffocation.

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