Emotional Smarts, ES, emsmarts: n. the ability to manipulate a human’s senses for a good and/or bad goal(s)

The best non technical leaders have a good knowledge about human emotions and characteristics and can successfully motivate them to achieve the required goal(s) with the right kind of communication. The knowledge is called emotional smarts or ES and here is how you can acquire it and use it successfully:

You have to be curious about many humans and learn to empathize with them so that you learn to understand what motivates them and what characteristics they have.

You learn about your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can effectively exist and function within those limits with optimal results.

You focus attention on the task at hand and don’t let personal emotions or distractions make you diverge from your goal(s).

You have selfknowledge about why you are upset and/or emotionally dissatisfied and minimally let it interfere with your goal(s) achievement.

You can have successful relationships with a large variety of humans but not all of them, especially if they are immoral.

You are basically caring, moral, or trustworthy and reliable and care about other moral or trustworthy and reliable humans.

You can read facial expressions well thus frequently knowing what the other human is feeling emotionally.

When you fail or make mistakes you keep going with an optimistic attitude.

You are a good judge of character with a rather short exposure and interaction with someone and have developed a rather reliable intuitive sense which you use to judge humans.

You are selfmotivated and seldom need others to motivate you with praise and encouragement.

You have much selfcontrol, know when to say no, and infrequently get tempted by bad choices which result in bad or unhealthy behavior or habits and stressful situations.

You help others with attention followed by caring behaviors when appropriate so that you don’t remain too absorbed in yourself.


If you have emotional smarts as a foundation then you have great potential to become a good leader of humans in any non technical profession which you are also competent in.

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