The urge to steal and not private property creates crime.

Stealing is sometimes a very efficient way to obtain food or property and nature loves efficiency. Even in nature animals get upset with a vengeance if someone tries to steal their food away from them. Food can be considered private property. It is a crime to steal the food from the one that has made the kill or earned it even in human society.

There is still a pecking order even in pack animals as to who gets to eat first, second, third, etc.  Stealing can be considered to be a crime for many animals almost everywhere in nature and sharing has its well established rules which are frequently challenged by younger less skilled animals.

It is true that some cheetahs will abandon their kill to other more aggressive stealing animals but this is just to avoid deadly personal injury which would make it unfit to kill prey again. If aggressive animals steal too much prey from the cheetah, the result is starvation and death. No one would advocate survival of the fittest for a human society so it is absolutely vital that private property be protected with laws against stealing which is fundamentally what all crime is about.

There should be a safety net in human societies for the unemployed and also destitute so that they don’t starve mentally and physically. They should be given an opportunity to work their way back into society with free useful mental technological education over the internet so they have the hope of new progress through personal effort and achievement over a lifetime.


Pursuing pleasure for the goal of pleasure will destroy you.


Doing only what only feels good will destroy you- is another way of putting it. Hedonism is one variation of this principle and it usually leads to debauchery, financial and even bodily destruction.


Rechanneling destructive impulses is a sign of maturity.


This is true because it is really a sign of maturity when you can redirect your aggression onto constructive activities, sports, and games but not be overly aggressive on humans.


Sacrificing yourself for a bad cause is not a moral act.


Immoral suicidal terrorists who kill innocent people would disagree with this point of view because they don’t believe their cause is bad. Sacrificing yourself for goals which don’t improve or maintain a healthy society is bad.


Self-awareness can be crippling.


Self-awareness is only a handicap if you understand or are aware of your weaknesses and don’t try to do anything to improve them in the future.


Selfishness is the most basic motivation.


This is a fundamental truth.  Offspring start out being selfish and relatively few adults outgrow their selfish egoism.


Sin is a means of social control.


This is true from a religious point of view which makes a correspondence of forbidden behavior with the word sin. Laws which badly enforce moral behavior are the true means of secular social control these days and it should be replaced with a secular morality taught in elementary schools so that moral behavior becomes impulsive.



Survival of the fittest applies to humans and animals.


Unfortunately present social laws throughout the world are not encouraging the fittest to reproduce in greater numbers thus assuring a better gene pool for future generations. Instead, the less fit in society are reproducing in greater abundance thus making future societies less fit to survive.

I have written and published many evergreen books that cover this subject thoroughly and present the needed political, social, and economic changes to get closer to a more desirable goal of promoting the reproduction of healthy, smart, and wealthy humans.

Technology will make or break us.


This just means that technology can be used for good and bad purposes and it is up to society to try and limit the technology to as many good purposes as possible.  If we permit technology to be used in too many bad ways then it will indeed break us or even eventually destroy the world.


The world operates according to discoverable laws.


Even in science, there are few laws left to be discovered.  All human laws exist but the current ones need a radical update so that humanity can operate in a healthy way in the future.

The new updated or discovered moral code is except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

My evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is a must read if the nation and the world is to change for the better.

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