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Emotional Smarts or ES: n. the ability to manipulate another’s senses to reach a good and/or bad goal(s)

Politicians have emotional smarts but not logical smarts when it comes to solving problems and conveying an appropriate message to the public. They manipulate your emotions but don’t publicize any useful logical solutions to the political, social, economic, and educational problems of the nation and world.

What are considered to be good leaders in society and who rise up the ranks of leadership are those who are more skilled in manipulating emotions and not logical facts. The few exceptions to this general rule are the technological leaders who have an abundance of logical technical knowledge and also human emotional knowledge.

Political leaders are the ones who aren’t leading society in a logical, efficient, sustainable way but instead are manipulating the emotions of the public to maintain their political power and the power of the special interests. They understand that promises must be made to appease the desires and beliefs of the majority of the citizens which they rule over. Those human beliefs are historically founded beliefs of what is true and untrue and very resistant to change despite their dysfunctional mythological nature in the present technological age.

The common man and woman are encouraged by their leaders to either love or hate, support or oppose and the result is that the ideology of the opposing party is hated and opposed. One opposing party is bad and their personal party is good. This group hate of the other group leads to political deadlock and an inability to compromise or find common ground which could help members of both parties. Manipulation of the fears and hopes of the public is what exists in the media and when the election is over the heavily funded special interests groups continue along with business as usual in a terribly inefficient way wasting the time, energy, and money of the taxpayers or society.


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