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There are too few unchanging truths today.

Most scientific and technological truths are unchanging but morality should be changed and in a nutshell it should be in non emergency situations don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.  With the exception of emergency situations such as wars and natural disasters, this basic secular morality should also be a new unchanging truth for society to follow.

Torture is barbaric.


This is just a way of saying that torture causes much pain and there are better ways of extracting information from criminals or terrorists these days.


Using force to stop force is not absurd.


Use greater force to stop force is a better way of putting it and it is not an absurd thing to believe in. Children who attack parents physically should be restrained first with greater force and continued compulsive physical aggressions can even be met with a justified forceful spanking.  Tyrants who forcefully invade another nation should be met with superior force to stop this unacceptable aggression.


Violence is permissible even desirable occasionally.


Violence in self defense can certainly be justified in many cases.


You are a victim of the rules you live by.


More accurately, you are limited to a lifestyle by the rules that you live by.  You are not a victim because no crime has been committed.


You can’t expect people to be something they’re not.


If you expect people to behave contrary to human nature or the way that they were raised, you will be disappointed.


You must be intimate with a token few.


This just means that you should have very few close friends that you can share your most intimate secrets with. The more friends that you share your intimate secrets with, the more likely it will be that your intimacy will be violated at some point in the future.


You owe the world not the other way around.


You owe the world a moral lifestyle and the world should help you in supporting that moral lifestyle.


If you lie down with dogs you’ll rise with fleas.


This just means that if you associate with bad people some or all of those bad behaviors will influence and change you for the worse.

The thief is no danger to the beggar.


This is not always true because the thief can steal what little the beggar has such as clothes.

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Science has proven that if you are doing things which feel pleasurable then you are happy in the moment. If you have bad behaviors which are giving you pleasure while you are doing them then you are happy doing them. The only problem is that your bad behavior will frequently result in many bad consequences which will ultimately add more unhappiness to your life and you should really be asking one question-

Should I FORCE myself to change my bad habits so that the frequency and duration of the bad consequences or unhappy moments decreases??? Another way of saying this is- Should I try to increase the times that I am happy and increase the length of time that I am happy every, day, week, month, or year by eliminating as many bad unhappy moments and bad unhappy consequences as possible?

A perfect example is a HAPPY panhandler or beggar. Give him or her enough free money during the day which they don’t have to work for and they will happily spend it on alcohol, drugs, and some food and drink at the end of the day. They will consume it and be relatively happy with life. If they don’t get any money during the day then they will have an unhappy day but WILL probably look forward to the next day or change their panhandling to another location where they hope to get lucky again. Nature loves efficiency and a beggar can be very efficient at surviving and not pollute his or her environment.

If you want to have a higher frequency of happy moments and want them to last longer then you will have to FORCE yourself to change some of your daily bad habits and replace them with better ones which don’t have as many bad consequences or unhappy moments.

Sure, most of us are conditioned to believe that more money, good friends, a nice family, nice possessions, and exciting pastimes will give us more happiness in our lives but that means more responsibility, hard work to earn the money needed, DIFFICULT learning of good job and good social skills, and having some time left over to enjoy the exciting pastimes which make you very happy.

It is a fact of life that the level of happiness for the rich is about the same as for the middle class and only the very poor are really very depressed and unhappy if they are living from paycheck to paycheck without a saved up a reserve for emergency situations such as unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, and appliance breakdowns. Add to this dysfunctional immoral lifestyles, alcohol or drug dependencies, bad social skills, a bad education and you have some very unhappy poor people living in an almost constant state of emotional and physical stress or crisis.


If you are unhappy then you will have to analyze yourself OR know thyself. Identify the bad habits which are making you unhappy or giving you so many moments of unhappiness in life. Start excluding your little bad habits first to reassure yourself that you can really do something about your situation which should never seem hopeless. With lifelong optimism and constant research proceed to tackle or forcefully remove with mental toughness the major sources of your unhappiness or the bad habits which are causing some terribly bad consequences in your life. Replace your bad habits with better ones but be forewarned that this may frequently take a month or so of self-motivated constant hard mental and even physical effort.

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