Keep in mind that these questions are not mandatory. You don’t have to ask them all on the first date. When you ask your first questions they should be slightly general in nature to not seem that you are interrogating or putting you date on the spot.

Remember, the first main objective of a date is to find out how much you have in common in a casual way because the more things that you mutually like and even hate, the better the probability of a good connection.

You should also be trying to create a good first impression with your looks and asking friendly follow up questions which shows that you are interested in them too and not just yourself and are a skilled and pleasant two way communicator.

Asking a question and getting an answer does not mean that you have to get to another question quickly. It can merely be a takeoff point to follow up with more questions or a flowing conversation about the answered question topic.

SHARING GOOD AND BAD EXPERIENCES during the conversation will either bring you closer together or show that you probably were not meant for each other right from the start.


How was your day?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Do you like your job?

Is there anything you really love or are very passionate about?

What are your favorite activities or things to do?

Tell me about your favorite friends.

Tell me a little about your family.

What are some things you dislike or hate doing?

Here are some important specific questions which may seem like you are putting your date on the spot if badly presented:

Are you close with your family?

Is there anything which you don’t eat or don’t like to eat?

How do you feel about (insert something which you are passionate about)?

Are you dating anyone else right now?

Do you live alone?

What do you see yourself doing 5 or 10 years from now?

What do you dislike or hate the most?

What do you get angry most often about?



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