It is hard enough trying to be logical in this emotionally biased world but there are impulsive decisions which we make automatically without frequently realizing the illogical nature of our impulsive choices. George Dvorsky writes about 12 of the most important mental or cognitive biases and if you understand them then you hopefully will adjust, adapt, and not make as many shitty illogical decisions in the future.


The biggest bias is a very strong belief or opinion which you have and the natural tendency is to evaluate or judge the world based on your belief and/or opinion reality. If you strongly believe in something then you will probably not investigate or understand why others do not believe the same thing and why others have a strong dislike for your belief or opinion.

Religious wars and wars between different cultures are historical proof that humans are willing to fight and even die for their beliefs and strong cultural biases which also have a very strong supportive personal emotional attachment or bias.

I have a strong scientific bias but I realize that “scientific” statistical results frequently are untrue biases when applied to medical research and especially psychiatry and the behavioral “sciences”. Much so called human truths or human nature are culturally dependent and can’t be proven scientifically in the laboratory. Wise or good common sense and logical thinking applied to cultural norms is the only way of rationally approaching human subjects.

I like to pride myself in writing evergreen truth blogs but unfortunately many of my communications are biased towards similar western and eastern cultures in their present form.

I am presently disappointed with and frequently writing or fighting against all the emotional trivial crap and pollution that this world is living in and destroying biodiversity in the process with a mythological morality which puts humans first and wild nature last. I am all about applying truthful logic to this emotionally illogical destructive human world which seems like an impossible realistic goal but I have dedicated the rest of my life to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as I see it. Am I biased? Sure, but hopefully in a constructive  way trying to destroy as much untruth as possible along the way and showing how this world can be improved from its myopic destructive present destiny!!!!!!


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