Kindness: n. a relatively small medium intensity caring which isn’t requested

Favor: n. giving a relatively small reward to someone and exchanging it for a minimal received reward such as a “thank you”

Kindness is a relatively small caring behavior which frequently makes one feel good and/or is a small favor granted without being asked.


Donate your used books to the library

Let someone in front of the line if you have many and they only have one or two items.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or food bank.

Donate to a wildlife fund.

Plant a tree.

Mentor a student in your field of expertise.

Give up your seat to the handicapped or elderly on public transportation.

Open the door for someone with full hands or in a wheelchair.

Give an honest and sincere compliment even to a stranger once in a while.

Host an international student.

Renew a potentially useful friendship.

Become an organ donor.

Give a homeless human your doggie bag.

Say “ please” and “thank you” in public and really mean it.

Give a fellow driver the right of way such as merging into your lane.

Forgive a friend a small debt and never bring it up again.

Apologize with “I’m sorry” for offensiveness, rudeness, or being wrong.

Say hi to a remote neighbor or smile at a stranger.


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