I regret settling for unacceptable behavior.

Find out before marriage if your potential spouse has any unacceptable behaviors which you won’t be able to tolerate and definitely not be able to change, especially addictions to lying, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, promiscuity, arguing, sports, selfish impulsive spending, and job.


I regret impulsively marrying someone I hoped would change or could be changed by me.

Disciplining an adult like a child or changing bad habits which your spouse has is frequently impossible to do and will become a big attempted failure on your part. Marry a bad personality with a poor job and the probability is great that you can’t change the bad personality and poor job situation.


I regret becoming complacent.

Being complacent in a marriage basically means that you feel relatively secure and happy with the marriage the way it is and will probably not put in much effort to try to maintain or improve it. All marriages need continued difficult work to make them last and ignoring the importance of marriage maintenance or being complacent will not make it last very long.


I regret assuming that love will be able to erase a bad past.

Some feel that a bad past will be erased or cured with a loving relationship but the truth is that bad past experiences and behaviors greatly influence future experiences and behaviors and a crappy past frequently means a crappy future also. Feeling sorry about a bad past and marrying the human with a bad past is frequently a big mistake.


I regret marrying someone I didn’t love or really liked.

Money and prestige or celebrity are sometimes reasons why women marry men whom they don’t love and they learn to regret it if the spouses have a bad unloving or uncaring personality.


I regret having an open marriage.

Open marriages eventually lead to a fear of abandonment, anger, hatred, and jealousy which is not so obvious to the young but rears its ugly head as you grow older and less secure with your sexual attractiveness.


I regret being in such a rush to get married.

This is just an example of how infatuation with a new human causes you to behave irrationally and want to marry someone on first impressions only. The irrational behavior which you are guilty of is not knowing their true personality with all the logical advantages and frequently unacceptable drawbacks which are hidden below a superficial surface behavior which leads to a very bad appraisal of reality.


I never should have married someone with a history of walking out.

Bad habits are hard to break and if one spouse has had a string of divorces or two or more then the chances or probability that they will remain married to you for life are very bad.


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