Wait long enough and bad humans will reveal their badness.

You may not know whether a new friend will be a good one or whether a potential spouse will be what you are looking for based on first impressions. Continue to interact and time will reveal whether they are indeed good choices without any serious drawbacks because few humans can maintain a good reputation for long without making a mistake and also revealing some of their bad characteristics.

When opportunity strikes seize the moment.

If you have prepared yourself and opportunity knocks then speedily take advantage of it.

You can’t teach someone who won’t listen and learn.

Sometimes no matter what you try to tell someone, if they don’t listen and are too narrow minded to take good advice they will never learn to be better or make the necessary changes to improve.

Very few humans stay the same for a lifetime.

Aging teaches many humans not to repeat the same old hurtful mistakes over and over again and most get a little wiser as time goes on. Most humans change with time and changing circumstances which is a law of nature.

Smile and chances are that that human will smile back at you.

Optimism is frequently contagious.

Don’t accuse someone of a character flaw if you have it also.

If you are guilty of a human imperfection then fix it before you go and start blaming another human for the same flaw. Lead by example and not just with words.

Only one selfish passion in life is overly restrictive and you won’t live a full and rewarding life without regrets.

Too narrowly focus on one passion in life and you will regret not paying enough attention to other things in life such as family and close friends and maybe even traveling to experience nature or other cultures too.

Try to be kind even under adversity because someone else may be going through something worse.

When we are under stress due to bad circumstances we may be angrier and less empathetic to others who may indeed be going through worse circumstances and may really need more optimistic emotional support than you.

Most humans are selfish.

Offspring are selfish and many of us don’t learn to channel our egomania into more mutually advantageous experiences and behaviors.

Optimistic happiness is your responsibility.

Happiness originates from within and humans can only encourage and praise you so far but when you are away from them all alone then happiness is up to you and your self-motivating optimism.

Never hire or marry out of pity.

Feel sorry for the bad circumstance and past experiences of a human and hire them or marry them and you will frequently end up just as unhappy with mutually unacceptable bad experiences.

Rushing or haste is frequently inefficient and wasteful.

Trying to do things too fast will cause you to make more mistakes than usual and you will regret the time, effort, and even money wasted.

What you do will be noticed much more than what you say.

Leading by example is much more impactful then just trying to lead by words alone.

Be honest, sincere, and reliable and you will be admired and respected by most.

If you don’t lie and are punctual and fulfill your promises then you will be admired and respected by most others.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

If someone lies to you or deceives you and takes advantage of your money or good personality once then the chances of it happening again a second time increase because a liar lies more than once for personal gain.


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