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Here is a link to a cracked.com article which describes 6 amazing animals with remarkable skills.


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Passion: n. mentally sensing very intensely with some difficulty maintaining control and the behaviors which exist with it

Pursue your passion is frequently the advice given to someone who wants to become successful or live a happy life.  This is a rather amoral way of looking at life because what may make you passionately happy may be something which will hurt you in the long duration. Some are passionate about sex, pornography, gambling, partying, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs which all can lead to rather dysfunctional lifestyles and even death in some cases of severe drug addictions.

The first rule to follow would be to pick your passions carefully because they are frequently addictive and you don’t want to become a slave to the bad passions which you may be pursuing.

Passions have number, intensity, frequency, and duration

Not everyone puts all their eggs into one basket or one passion. It is entirely possible to be passionate about more than one thing and it is even advisable to be passionate about more than one thing so that you have a backup plan B and maybe even C if plan A does not work out or you become dissatisfied with its pursuit.

I have been a physics teacher, a computer programmer and systems analyst, a builder, a mortgage investor, a remodeler, a landlord, and am currently writing much in my retirement years mostly based on the research into truth which I have done throughout a lifetime and am still doing now. My plan A, B, C, D and E didn’t last very long and I am currently engaged in plan F and G.

Few realize that achieving the goal of some passions requires inborn talent frequently accompanied by a very good memory and if you don’t have the talent and good memory then you are dreaming the impossible dream if you want to become president, a rocket scientist, doctor, celebrity, talk show monolith, sports star, or famous writer.

How passionate you are about something is determined by how emotionally satisfying it is, how frequently you engage in your passionate pursuit, and how long you spend in hours pursuing it. If you are passionate about your job then you love it, spend every day at it except maybe weekends, and you probably put in more than just 40 hours a week.

How long you totally spend on your passion depends on how long it lasts and continues to give you satisfaction. If you lose your job then you may be able to find a similar one and continue your passion or you may have to go into an entirely different line of work if your job becomes obsolete due to technological advances.


Select you passions carefully and be realistic in your choices since exceptional success frequently requires talent and a very good memory. Passionately working hard at it alone will not be enough to reach that unrealistic idealized goal in life. If you are the average human then you should be passionate about the common things in life such as close friends, nice family, pleasant pastimes such as healthy eating and moderate exercise, and a job with a decent wage.

You will be much happier living a normal passionate life without the unrealistic delusions of grandeur which some humans are burdened with throughout a lifetime and the tragic series of failure which they suffer which is inevitable when you don’t have the ability necessary to reach lofty goals.


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