Being a slob with a messy desk with food, drink stains, and leftovers is a bad start. Add to this bad personal hygiene with bad body odor and breath and a disheveled appearance and you can become an office pariah.

Being condescending or talking down to fellow coworkers by feeling that only you have all the right answers, telling everyone else that their ideas will fail, and criticizing them at every opportunity. Many of your ideas may actually be good but give others a chance to work on their own ideas too or you will soon have the entire staff hating you.

Stop communicating too much personal information and especially personal problems. Excessive talk about personal health problems, marital arguments, your offspring’s latest accomplishments at preschool no one cares about, and private phone calls are all detailed information which will bore and annoy almost everyone.

Being lazy and doing the bare minimum of work and sometimes trying to get help from coworkers will generate much hatred especially if you accept credit for the work that others have mostly done.

Being a backstabber and claiming credit for another’s work may get you temporarily higher in the corporate ladder but you will be hated by most of the humans which you have backstabbed and other workers will know about this too.

You are too noisy and just plain rude, inconsiderate, and annoying if you whistle, sing, hum, chew loudly, or play your music for all to hear. You are interrupting the quiet atmosphere needed for concentrated work efforts without interference by others.

Lying to your boss can get you fired and lying to your coworkers will ruin a trustworthy relationship and any hope of being respected and admired by them.

Procrastination on a team may mean that others will have to do some of the work for you and will cause much resentment and annoyance.

Tardiness will upset your coworkers because it is a sign that you don’t value their time and is another valid reason for being fired by your boss.

Lack of manners like being rude and thoughtless and not saying “please”,  “thank you”, and “I’m sorry” will make smooth communication with your coworkers impossible and they won’t enjoy talking to you.

Bad email communication by being too abrupt, rude, and adding to that long windedness will guarantee that you will have bad communications with coworkers and a bad reputation in the office.

Being a busy body will annoy many who don’t want to reveal the minutia of their personal lives.


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