You are not FINANCIALLY ready for a serious relationship or marriage, you have severe personality flaws, you are interacting with the wrong crowd, you met mr. or ms. right but they were not interested in you, and you haven’t met mr. or ms. right.

The first reason is the most important one because most marital relationships break up because of inadequate finances or very bad financial management. The reasons why you may not be ready for a serious relationship is a poor job but second and third in line are severe personality flaws and hanging around or interacting with humans who are job poor and/or have severe personality flaws themselves.

Getting more education and learning better job skills is your responsibility and it will take time to fix. Having serious personality flaws is not so easy to fix because you have been living with the bad habit(s) for years and a quick fix is not possible. You can blame your parents, your bad friends, or poverty circumstances but ultimately it is your responsibility to recognize or be aware of your flaws and do something about the bad influences in your life so far if you are going to progress in life towards better relationships with someone.

With a good job will come confidence and an increase in self-esteem but if you are not the honest, sincere, and reliable kind looking for an honest, sincere, and reliable human partner then you will fail no matter how intense the initial chemistry between you may seem.

Being a bad conversationalist is also a very important priority and if you are the selfish kind who wants to dominate the conversation or totally passive and quiet and withdrawn then you will frequently fail in starting up a good relationship and maintaining it for mutual satisfaction, mutual problem solving, and optimistic mutual emotional support.


If you want to optimize your chances of having a successful relationship and are not very attractive then land a good job, become honest, sincere, and trustworthy, learn to be a better communicator, and start hanging around with a better group of humans who are also honest, sincere, and reliable.

This is an ideal recipe for getting into good relationships and unfortunately most real common humans wind up settling for much less in a human partner and frequently live to regret it. The incredibly high divorce statistics and so many unwed mothers are perfect examples of failed relationships with mostly bad morals and bad financial standards.

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