Talent will be recognized early worldwide and their education will be subsidized if they can’t afford it.

Instead of proving over and over again that they have very good memories and can learn useful skills quickly, students will have the opportunity to break out of their classroom traps filled with slow learners by individualized online audio visual instruction which will permit them to progress to ever higher achievement levels and graduate much before other slow students in their age group.

It will not be uncommon for economically poor students to graduate before reaching 18 years of age and go on to university level training or education. Promotion based on achievement level and not age level will dominate the educational system of the future beyond the elementary school level.

Low cost education technology will challenge and probably greatly decrease future students in universities.

The popularity of job poor liberal arts education will decrease and be confined to private institutions of learning. The popularity of technological education will dominate for the relatively small percentage who will need a university level of achievement to progress on to a good paying job. The government will be financing less and less liberal arts education in universities since the probability of the education loan being paid back will not be cost effective in the future.

Education loans will be paid back based on future income limits.

Those students financed by the federal government in a technological or science field will only pay back the loan once they start earning a significant salary in their field. (about $50,000 a year)

Students will demand useful skills and not soft liberal arts skills which result in poor paying jobs OR  no job at all.

The university will become decentralized for certain functions especially research and the rental of research labs worldwide.

The university of the future will not look like a university with hundreds of students attending one lecture and taking standardized tests based on the lecture but will be at different achievement levels and working in smaller groups where group participation is mandatory as part of a group effort towards  useful realistic goals.


I add my 7th change in education which I highly recommend takes place.

Only elementary school will be where socialization and secular moral training will exist for all students so that once they graduate they will be morally responsible students who know right from wrong and will need no further social education in a group or classroom setting.

The secular moral code is, except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

After elementary school the educational system should focus on useful education for each student who can proceed at their own pace of learning and not be inhibited or pulled back by discipline problems, social ostracism, and learners slower than them.

It is a fact of life that robotization, standardization of parts, business monopolies, and worldwide competition means that society will be job poor in the near future and that many will be living on government welfare. Hopefully they will have the opportunity, throughout a lifetime if necessary, to reenter the job market based on personal time, effort, and ability in reeducating themselves at home, online, and free at government expense for a useful job.

Sadly many will be on welfare for an entire lifetime and not be able to function with a good paying job ever.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EDUCATION REFORM.


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