Nature is just and punishes the inefficient with starvation or death and efficiently distributes natural resources to the deserving healthy species justly and permits the healthiest and smartest members to reproduce in greater numbers for the benefit of future generations.

Humanity is not just and doesn’t punish the inefficient with poverty, inefficiently distributes natural resources to its members, and the healthiest, smartest, and those with the best memories do not reproduce in greater numbers for the benefit of future generations. The major reason for this is that humanity uses a highly inefficient language for communications which is emotionally biased, has words with inaccurate illogical definitions, uses too many words with the same meanings, and uses a highly complex grammatical structure which takes too many years to learn. This delays adulthood to the age of 18 instead of permitting precocious 13 year olds, who get a job which can financially support a family, from becoming adults. Almost everyone should be fluent in language usage by the age of 13 and this is possible with an efficient, logical language of about 6000 words which does not include the words for everyday objects and scientific facts.

Humanity not only communicates inefficiently but has inefficient shelter, commercial buildings, cars, motorcycles, clothes, and entertainment which uses too much time, energy, money, and natural resources and dangerously pollutes the environment. The political system unjustly distributes the resources and permits the production and consumption of unhealthy food for the majority of the population.

Humanity is also inefficient because it has an inefficient religious moral code and no efficient secular moral code which should be taught young impressionable minds so that peaceful voluntary interaction among its citizens is possible and optimized and there is a sense of trust between leaders and citizens and family members in society.

The educational system is very inefficient. It mixes up the slow, medium, and fast learners beyond the elementary level and punishes the slow and fast learners trying to teach the average student. Elementary school is the only place where slow, medium, and fast learners should be mixed so that they learn appropriate social morality and etiquette which applies to all offspring.

Beyond elementary school students should be primarily taught with individualized interactive computer education where you proceed at your own pace of learning.

Liberal arts should be taught in private institutions of learning only and financed by local taxpayers who wish to have their offspring learn liberal arts. Science and technology should be taught in federally financed local public schools for those with very good memories. This way even those in poor neighborhoods with very good memories will be able to learn science and technology subjects and eventually escape the poverty trap. Yes, federal local public schools will be fewer and farther apart and will require more expensive transportation to get there but the world resource of very good memories is worth the added expense for the benefit of all.

IQ is a measure of how good your memory is and not how smart you are. There are too many humans with large IQ’s who are not very smart and are doing some disasterously stupid things to this world. To be smart you need to use a smart language like SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS and all those with large IQ’s or very good memories should be using it in the near future.

Even the poor will be smart because they will be using a smart language learned in elementary school. Yes, in life the poor will still do stupid things but they will not be called stupid because they will be using a smart language. The rich will also do stupid things in life but they will be doing much less with a smart language.

If you like this evergreen truth blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS.


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