Is he or you going to be a good provider moneywise?

Will he be honest, sincere, dependable, and one who fulfills his promises?

Does he believe adultery is immoral or something definitely not to do?

If he or you are not going to be a good provider then don’t plan on having offspring and if you decide to do so anyway then at least keep your finances separate and secretly save up some money for an inevitable divorce at some point in the future.

If he lies to you during the relationship, is not dependable with his promises, and is not very punctual when he promises to be so then don’t marry under any circumstances because your marriage will be an untrustworthy emotional hell on earth.

If he has a series of failed marriages due to adultery or if he has been very promiscuous during his single years then don’t marry because bad sexual habits last a lifetime and are almost impossible to change in this hedonistic western culture.


If you find a good provider who doesn’t lie to you, is dependable, is not the cheating kind, and is not afraid of commitment then go for it with all of your feminine charms and get married!!!!!!

These are rather high standards for marriage material and few modern males these days will qualify. Remember, it is BEST TO REMAIN SINGLE then to marry in haste or marry a financially poor, unreliable, untrustworthy mate. Marry a scum bag and you will regret it the rest of your life and so will your offspring if you make the mistake of having any by him!!!

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