We all eat, drink, work, interact with other humans, move around or travel, buy things, learn something new, and entertain ourselves.

Eating and drinking healthy should be priority number one and two and work should be priority number three because it makes the first two and last five possible because they all cost you your time, energy, and money. What you spend your time, energy, and money on determines what your priorities in life are and it is usually what makes you the happiest.

If you find happiness in eating and drinking healthy and like or even love your work then you will be on the road to maximizing your happiness because you will usually have enough money left over to spend on friends, family, traveling, entertainment, and buying what you really need or just want impulsively.

If a bad job is a major source of unhappiness then make learning something new or reeducating yourself high on the priority list so that you can get a better job in the future which you will hopefully enjoy more. Yes, you will have to sacrifice the time, energy, and money spent on other happy enjoyments by cutting back on them but the investment of time, energy, and money in useful reeducation will pay off in the long duration.

If you are 25 years old maybe you will be struggling five to ten years preparing for and trying to land a better job but when you do, the remaining 40 years or so of your life will be happier ones because working takes up about a third of your lifetime. You will have increased the happiness in your life by about 30% by working at a job you really like.

Unfortunately most of us are trapped in jobs we don’t enjoy very much and the pay may not be the best. If you are single then stay single because the last thing your spouse will want to hear is you constantly complaining about what a shitty day you had on the job.

You can improve the approximately one third of your life during which you don’t work by scheduling it, budgeting it, and spending your time, energy, and what little money you have on the things that you enjoy doing in life despite a bad job.

You will probably have to cut back on buying things impulsively, traveling around so much, visiting friends, eating out at expensive restaurants, and going to movie theaters but the internet is a cheap alternative for new friends, entertainment, and buying useful and interesting goods not available in local stores.

OK, how do I budget and schedule my time and priorities more wisely and improve my relationships with humans? Do the research on the internet or read one or more of my evergreen truth books HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT; HOW TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY,   HOW TO SAVE MONEY,   LOVEALL,   MODERN PARENTING, and    GOOD MODERN BEHAVIORS.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them.


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