We like to be complimented and frequently a “thank you” is all that is needed in return. You can compliment humans on appearance, good behavior, ability, ideas, opinions, beliefs, offspring, spouse, friends, and material possessions.

When complimenting be as honest and sincere as possible and don’t just use superlatives such as beautiful, great job, and I love it if you really feel that it is attractive, nice, a good job, like it, and OK but not extraordinarily great. Humans will appreciate an honest and sincere opinion and not an inflated one if they don’t deserve it. If you just use superlatives humans will feel that you are buttering them up and will not respect your opinions in the long duration.

Being honest and sincere with your offspring is just as important and if you say “great job” to everything your offspring do then they will never know or learn the difference between a good job or behavior and a great one. They will soon not want to please you with conscientious effort since your words will have lost truthful discriminating motivational value. They will feel that mom or dad is just a bullshit artist always lavishly praising them for everything that they do no matter how much effort they put into it and no matter what the outcome of the effort, good or bad.

Humans will respect your opinions more if your compliments are more accurate and may even occasionally include some negative remarks such as could be better, nice but not my favorite style, tasty but a little too salty or spicy,  or adequate but not enough quality for me.

Always try to give a reason or reasons why you don’t like something instead of just showing disapproval by saying its ugly, I hate it, I don’t like it, I don’t need it, or I don’t want it. If you have a reason for not liking something then your opinion will be more respected and humans will not get as offended as they will if you only express emotional revulsion or disapproval.

A good idea, opinion, or belief may not need a compliment but merely agreeing with the idea, opinion, or belief is sufficient praise if it is just acceptable but not outstanding.

Finally, if you do intensely dislike or hate something it is best to remain silent and not say anything at all if it is a stranger or a casual acquaintance who is not very important in your life. If it is your offspring, spouse, or close friend then remaining silent and trying to hide too many repulsive emotions may ruin a trustworthy relationship in the long duration. Emotional as well as factual honesty is the bond which keeps good relationships alive.

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