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There are limitations to imitating only parents.  Many humans other than parents are imitated throughout life and sources of new useful information are vital.

Due to the fast technological change in society, and due to the complex increase in specialized skills, no parent can claim to be an expert on everything, not even their young offspring.  It is the responsibility of parents to try to guarantee that their offspring are learning from the best people and the best media sources that their money can afford and their rank in society can help.

Things which you can say to your offspring:

“If you need better role models to imitate, then find other human’s and/or information sources which can teach you.”

“Make friends with a human who can teach you a new and useful skill and/or knowledge and/or give you a useful new experience in life.”

“Find someone to teach you.”

“If math is a problem, ask a friend who is good at it to help.”

”If you want to learn how to drive a motorcycle then find and pay a motorcyclist who can teach you.”

“Find the right information source to learn from.”

“Find an instructional video or DVD and learn from it.”

“Use the internet and/or books and/or magazines to teach you.”

“A professional teacher may not be the best or most economical source for teaching beginning basic skills which require much patience and repetition so learn as much as you can on your own first.”

“Learn as much as you can by yourself and we will find pros when you can’t further teach yourself successfully.”

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