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Efficiency means that you are using the minimal amount of energy per unit time. If you use too much energy to do something you are being inefficient and if you use up too much time doing that something then you are being inefficient.

When you are lazy you are using very little energy but wasting much time so you can’t be considered to be very inefficient except in your unwise usage of too much wasted time. The great amount of wasted time makes up for not using much energy so you can be considered to be terribly inefficient too.

Wasting material or mass is wasting stored energy. According to Einstein Energy=mass times the speed of light squared or E=mc2. Material is stored energy and if you are wasting materials then you are being inefficient. If you are wasting natural resources or materials with much wasted material left over then you are also wasting energy and being very inefficient. Wasting or destroying biodiversity or a vital natural resource is highly immoral.

CONCLUSION: Inefficiency is immoral and should be incorporated into a modern updated moral code. Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

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Humans value bigness instead of the small, efficient, reliable, and durable products resulting in inefficient big houses, big cars, and big spendthrift lifestyles using up valuable natural resources at an alarming rate and polluting along the way by releasing many deadly toxins into the environment. All this behavior is inefficient, unsustainable, and wastes much time, energy, and money. The over emphasis on pursuing emotionally satisfying pastimes and entertainment is causing humans to live lives of trivial liberal arts pursuits all of which also waste valuable time, energy, and money.

Quantity not quality is emphasized almost everywhere and there is a mad rush to cultivate more and more land in monoculture style and destroy not only healthy food biodiversity but the biodiversity of wilderness plants and animals by stealing their real estate.

Instead of asking how can I simplify my life, many humans complicate their life with too many material possessions and many activities that are unnecessary for survival on the face of this precious earth.

Don’t be inefficient means don’t talk so much, don’t talk so frequently, don’t consume so much, and don’t spend so much time, energy, and money on trivial artistic pursuits whose main purpose is frequently only an emotional high but almost no utilitarian purpose is served.

Humanity is also inefficient in the way it distributes good genes in society. The healthy, smart, and very wealthy should be rewarded with reproductive success with many wives and as many offspring as possible and the rest should be satisfied with one or two offspring per lifetime.

Education is very inefficient. It takes 18 years to educate offspring before they become adults and they still are not skilled enough to function with a good paying job in the community because there is an emphasis on liberal arts education which is job poor. Not only is the archaic grammatically complex language to blame but teaching a class of 30 students to the average learner means that the students with good memories are slowed down in the educational process and the slow learners slow down the whole class. Add to this the discipline problems of poor neighborhood schools and education is so inefficient that over 50 percent of the graduates can’t find work after graduation. There is a solution to this inefficiency as outlined in my evergreen truth books EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.

Communication in wild nature is very efficient and there is no waste of time and energy communicating whether it is to signal danger, to attract a mate, or to hunt for prey. Humans on the other hand use a very emotional archaic language with an inefficient grammatical structure which takes too many years to learn and creates an overly emotional many times illogical communication which just wastes time and energy. Add to this the verbosity of writing and speaking which is not short and sweet and to the point but is basically a desire to communicate using as many words as possible.

The topics which humans communicate about are also frequently very trivial in nature and not really important in leading to a better or improved lifestyle. Inefficient language means inefficient politics, inefficient society, and inefficient education wasting much time, energy, and money.

The solution to this problem is my evergreen truth book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which is a logical definition of about 3000 words and eliminates the complex grammatical structure by using only verbs, nouns, and adverbs, eliminates many emotional words, eliminates synonyms, antonyms, metaphors and similes, and defines words logically to make a logical language which can be learned by the time you graduate elementary school.

It may seem that I am trying to take the fun out of life but nature does very little for just the fun of it and punishes you severely if you break her efficiency rules-don’t waste time, energy and in human terms money which is the human symbol for potential energy.

Humans have been very efficient reproducers numerically and the world is overpopulated as a result. It is time to reverse this trend towards quantity and not quality reproduction and quality not quantity living.

Natural law shows that it is IMMORAL to be inefficient and I have shown you how this inefficiency applies to human civilization worldwide. Inefficiency in human civilization is resulting in unhealthy food, an unhealthy environment, and unhealthy lifestyles for humans causing much disease and death and unhappy living. It is time for change!!!!!!

Efficiency is using the minimum amount of energy per unit time. If you take too long to do something you are inefficient. If you are just wasting time and very little energy then you are lazy and not necessarily inefficient unless you are supposed to be getting something done and are not.

If you waste materials which are stored energy then you are wasting stored energy and that is being inefficient because you should be using the material with minimum wasted material or stored energy. E=mc2 is energy stored as mass or material. Being inefficient is being immoral.

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Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration

Subset: n. a thing

Without a definition of to love, love is just an intuitive philosophical concept open to a million and one interpretations. With a definition you can either argue that it is incomplete, partially wrong, or that it is absolutely right and exact.

If you love something then you care about it, you sense very intense pleasure and behave a certain way, and you frequently desire to possess, interact, or experience that something for a short and/or long time.

When you are getting very intense pleasure from a human it is called love and when your pleasure is not that intense then you are experiencing affection and liking and not love.

Some of you will argue that loving also means that there are times when you feel affectionate or have fond and tender feelings towards the love object. Well, you are talking about a loving relationship which needs a new word or new definition called lovrelating.

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously


Being in love means that you are lovrelating  or experiencing moments of lovin, affection, and liking but never simultaneously or that all those feelings are not felt at the same time. What the world really needs more of is more lovrelating and not lovin!

Yes, there are more definitions needed for all you perfectionists out there and here they are.

Affection: n. sensing medium intensity pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exists with it

Like: v. to sense low intensity pleasure for a subset(s)

Lovin: n. sensing a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s)

Lovrelationship: n. sensing much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Thing: n. one subset and/or set of matter and/or energy which existed in the past and/ or will exist at some point in the future and/or will continue to exist in the future.  A thing is usually classified as a subject and/or verb. Human beings are things which are lifeforms.  An event(s) is a thing.  A thing is a set and/or a subset.

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You both recognize that frequently you are not really looking for advice on solving a problem or changing a bad event which happened to you but are just interested in optimistic emotional support.

You both introduce each other to new ideas, experiences, activities, and events which you consider noteworthy and potentially helpful in your lives.

You both know how to keep secrets or confidences which would be embarrassing or hurtful to your reputations if they were made public knowledge.

You both know how to give honest and sincere feedback without being emotionally hurtful, too blunt, condescending, or cruel.

You both show great interest in the important things going on in your lives with more communication about those important things on a daily or weekly basis.

You both can make each other laugh occasionally without resorting to hurtful ridicule.

You both try to be reliable by fulfilling any promises which you make, especially showing up on time for appointments.

You both have short and long duration goals and mutually support each other in trying to reach them mostly with optimistic emotional support but it can infrequently also be financial support or making useful social connections.



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