You both recognize that frequently you are not really looking for advice on solving a problem or changing a bad event which happened to you but are just interested in optimistic emotional support.

You both introduce each other to new ideas, experiences, activities, and events which you consider noteworthy and potentially helpful in your lives.

You both know how to keep secrets or confidences which would be embarrassing or hurtful to your reputations if they were made public knowledge.

You both know how to give honest and sincere feedback without being emotionally hurtful, too blunt, condescending, or cruel.

You both show great interest in the important things going on in your lives with more communication about those important things on a daily or weekly basis.

You both can make each other laugh occasionally without resorting to hurtful ridicule.

You both try to be reliable by fulfilling any promises which you make, especially showing up on time for appointments.

You both have short and long duration goals and mutually support each other in trying to reach them mostly with optimistic emotional support but it can infrequently also be financial support or making useful social connections.



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