Couple enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the kitchen

You may fight or argue occasionally but the less frequent the arguing the better the marriage will proceed because you don’t have any serious problems with money management, have a trusting relationship, and don’t have bad addictive habits and friends.

You may not have all the same interests but you have enough common ground  so that you still do enough things together to make the marriage worthwhile.

Your sex might not be that great all the time but on average it is acceptable.

You may have a relationship which is unique and not the usual date, engaged, marriage, offspring, house, more offspring etc. relationship. You may be so devoted to your careers and enjoy them so much that having offspring may be delayed or not planned for at all in the near future.

You may not respect and admire all the family members of your spouse but you don’t get into needless arguments about the personality conflicts and upsetting comments if they exist.

You may have difficulty occasionally living together because of cramped space, different tastes in music, décor, and one being messier than the other.

You may have to “work” at a good relationship once in a while by having to suppress anger, jealousy, and pessimism. You may have to compromise or give in to one spouse’s needs and in general make changes in living lifestyle along the way so that problems can be solved and life can continue as smoothly as possible.


Very few couples have an ideal marriage all the time. Real relationship problems surface sometimes due to external circumstances or influences but they are usually not severe enough to threaten a basically compatible mutual relationship which is skilled at trusting mutual communication and minimally emotional conflict resolution.

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