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The internet, international banks, international businesses, standardization of parts, and robotization means that there will be armies of destitute and unemployed citizens in the near future and we should plan to accommodate them with a new government safety net.

If you are destitute and also unemployed, AT ANY AGE, then you should be provided with basic healthy food, drink, shelter, and minimal standardized needs such as toiletries and clothing along with a cell phone and a computer to reeducate yourself over the internet with free reeducation in a technological field. 

If you are willing to put in the time, effort, ability, and achieve self-improvement then you will be rewarded with a potential good job if your social skills are also acceptable. You will have turned yourself into an asset and not liability for society at large. If you remain a liability to society then you will probably live on welfare for a lifetime.

What you should not have is a motorized vehicle with which you can roam the world wasting tax payer’s money with discretionary spending on gas or electricity and in shopping malls. All your basic necessities should be delivered door to door by the government and you should have the right to choose to work or not work if you find the minimum wage unacceptable. Being on this kind of welfare means that you will be using the minimum amount of energy or money to support yourself in a very efficient way and you will have an incentive to reeducate yourself at no cost if you choose to do so.

Not having a job will probably mean that you will be leading a single life without motorized wheels and if you become an unwed mother or one living with a male then the shelter accommodations will be very minimal and you will be living under congested circumstances with your brood getting no additional spending money for each offspring which you chose to conceive.

Your penalty for having many offspring will be living in congested circumstances for the rest of your life unless you reeducate yourself and land a good paying job which can support your brood. If members of your brood gain successful employment and enough money on their own then they will be able to escape living with their parents or be in a position to help unemployed mom and/or male friend out financially.

In the poorer nations an internet cellphone with reeducation possibilities should be provided all destitute and also unemployed citizens.  Delivery of basic standardized needs should only be done where it is cost effective to do so such as in major cities where the poor should be migrating into.

You probably have many unanswered questions to ask and I have two of many books to answer most of your questions since a blog should be short and sweet with few details.

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Nature abhors inefficiency or the wasting of time and energy and creates in animals a pleasant sensation when they get food or prey easily. Humans also find it pleasant to get food and goods easily and this is one of the reasons very young offspring have to be conditioned not to take away or steal food and toys from their brothers and sisters and young friends. The process of teaching not to steal because it is immoral has to be taught to each new generation.

In the wild hyenas steal the prey from a cheetah’s kills whenever they can. Capuchin monkeys use predator alarm calls to warn other monkeys of danger. There are even some which use the alarm calls to scare away their fellow monkeys and then steal the food which is left behind.

Humans also steal when in great need or to feed a drug habit and some are kleptomaniacs who steal just for the thrill of it. Stealing is exciting because we get much with minimal effort or it is a very efficient way to get something. This is why it is important to condition the thrill of stealing and replace it with a fear of stealing and punishment if you do steal in society. The fear of being caught stealing is the reason for so many surveillance cameras in society because the urge to steal is always subconsciously in us and can surface given enough incentive to do so.

In a study in 2009, participants either took a placebo or the drug naltrexone —known to curb addictive tendencies toward alcohol, drugs and gambling. Naltrexone blocks the effects of substances called endogenous opiates that the researchers suspect are released during stealing and which trigger the sense of pleasure in the brain. Stealing is exciting and profitable if you can get away without punishment.

Piracy on the internet was rampant and evidence of the fact that stealing or getting something for very little energy expenditure is a great biological sensory experience. Internet crime and scams reached epidemic proportions and the music and film industry was ravaged. Today we are in an eternal struggle to keep internet thieves out of our lives and the days of anonymous internet users is on the way out.

Piracy and other forms of organized crime in the past and present have been efficient ways of making much money quickly. Today institutionalized crime based on bribery of politicians in the form of campaign contributions is practiced to give unjust advantage of one group or organization over others. Special interest laws, special tax laws, and blatant subsidies are passed and are sanctioned unjust forms of crime which prey upon taxpayers and keep inefficient large organizations from bankruptcy or competition from smaller similar organizations. If you pass a law so that it becomes almost impossible to compete against you in the marketplace then this can be considered to be a form of lawful stealing.

Government and technology is accelerating the flow or distribution of money to big business, government workers, and those on welfare. The result will soon be big business employees, government employees, and a vast majority on welfare with very few in the independent middle class. This is not necessarily a chronically bad result but it calls for a restructuring of society and an updating of current tax laws and laws in general as outlined in my book COMMON SENSE.

Steal: v. to illegally take by force and/or by the threat of force and/or by fraudulent means

Nobody until now has truly defined stealing as illegally taking something by force and/or the threat of force and/or through fraudulent means which is the three basic ways that stealing is done and sometimes with a combination of two or more basic techniques. I outline in detail the truth about stealing in my evergreen truth book STEAL or JUSTICE and if you want to know the 5 special conditions under which stealing is permitted in society then read one of those books.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a world filled with myths and deceptions.