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If you want to get inspired then

go to an inspiring place,

do something inspirational,

or talk to or listen to someone who is inspirational.

An inspirational place may be nature, a forest path, a park, gardens, a beach, a lake or river, a marina, a mountaintop with a view of the city or a panoramic view, a museum, or a library may qualify as inspirational places to visit.

You can meditate, listen to good music which is exciting emotionally, or read an inspirational book or blog.

You can talk to an optimistic child or listen to an inspirational talk on Youtube on whatever topic which might interest you.


Some things may inspire you more than others. Do the things which inspire you the most and are also accessible. The Grand Canyon and Iguasu Falls are truly inspirational places to visit and view but few of us can afford to actually visit those awesome inspiring places.

Visiting inspiring places on the internet is the next best thing to being there and you may find a place which you may truly want to visit some day in person.

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Studies have shown that after two weeks have passed we only remember about 10% of what we have read. On the other hand we remember as much as 70% of what we say and 90% of what we see and do physically.

It makes sense to make computer education as interactive as possible with required verbal feedback from subject matter presented audio visually. This means that education should be noisy with the student speaking to the computer screen as much as possible and the computer answering back with audio.

Also for math and science subjects it might be smart to incorporate physical science equipment and mathematical shapes and sizes which the students can manipulate with their hands.

A smart robot teacher interacting with the students physically one on one is the ideal educational model for the future but until such a time a computer screen demanding as much participation on the part of the student as possible is the most efficient economical way of teaching a student with present day technology.

Yes, classrooms of the future will be incredibly noisy with students talking to the computer screen so it would make sense to teach all future students in a sound proof cubicle, have them wear headphones and microphone, or even learn at home in a room where they don’t disturb anyone else.

Reading voluminous amounts of information and reading lengthy textbook material is just not the most efficient way of teaching or learning and it is no great surprise why modern students don’t like to read because it is so passive an experience which we remember very little of.


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Yes, if you’re single and without a relationship and you are a male then pornography is a cheap way to get sexual satisfaction and not have to pay a prostitute and run the risk of getting an STD or a sexually transmitted disease.

There are unfortunately many drawbacks to getting too addicted to pornography.

You will begin to feel inadequate and insecure as a sexual partner. Not only do most porn males usually have larger than average penises but they use penile desensitizers and can have rapid fire sex for about 10 minutes at a time. Natural sex, unless there is slow foreplay, frequently takes no longer than about 30 seconds or a minute of very intense in and out activity before you climax and it’s over.

Your sexual fantasies will become very deviant and you will start fantasizing  about having sex with more than one partner, big tit women, teenage girls, cock sucking, pussy licking, anal sex, and the use of all kinds of sexual toys which may include whips, handcuffs, choke collars, rubber bands, anal inserts, and ropes. Most normal women do not go in for kinky sex which is rampant in porno films.

There is a danger that you will start treating all women like sex objects and not be able to have caring, loving relationships with real women or sincere and honest discussions about the many things which women care about and consider important in their lives.

The more that you use it the faster it will wear out and the same applies to addictive over frequent porno sex. You will probably be using Viagra or Cialis way before the age of 50 because you will have developed erectile dysfunction.

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