Studies have shown that after two weeks have passed we only remember about 10% of what we have read. On the other hand we remember as much as 70% of what we say and 90% of what we see and do physically.

It makes sense to make computer education as interactive as possible with required verbal feedback from subject matter presented audio visually. This means that education should be noisy with the student speaking to the computer screen as much as possible and the computer answering back with audio.

Also for math and science subjects it might be smart to incorporate physical science equipment and mathematical shapes and sizes which the students can manipulate with their hands.

A smart robot teacher interacting with the students physically one on one is the ideal educational model for the future but until such a time a computer screen demanding as much participation on the part of the student as possible is the most efficient economical way of teaching a student with present day technology.

Yes, classrooms of the future will be incredibly noisy with students talking to the computer screen so it would make sense to teach all future students in a sound proof cubicle, have them wear headphones and microphone, or even learn at home in a room where they don’t disturb anyone else.

Reading voluminous amounts of information and reading lengthy textbook material is just not the most efficient way of teaching or learning and it is no great surprise why modern students don’t like to read because it is so passive an experience which we remember very little of.


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